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Sliver of Doubt

Coming soon…

Holly Santana, an immigration lawyer, meets a potential casual hookup in a neighborhood bar. It was a bad day. The chemistry builds between them while they share a drink… or two, but just as it was his turn to divulge a little about himself, his phone rings and he has to leave. Typical.

But socialite Juliane Jackson was found brutally murdered in her Westchester home and the news of her death takes New York City by storm. Her husband, successful businessman, Ben Jackson soon finds himself accused of her murder. He does something totally unexpected, he hires an unknown lawyer, Holly Santana, to represent him during his high profile trial.

Holly is compelled into defending the handsome Mr. Jackson, even though she hasn’t worked in the DA’s office for several years. It certainly makes her more than uncomfortable when she realizes he was her ‘unfinished’ business and she becomes uncertain how to defend a man she finds both attractive and frightening.

As Holly searches to unearth the truth of Julianne’s Jackson’s murder, she quickly discovers three things. First, Ben Jackson, has a very substantial motive to kill his wife. Second, she finds herself entangled in a relationship that threatens to unravel all she’s worked to leave behind. And third, there is something more sinister at work here, and the man she grows to love is not who she thinks.

SLIVER OF DOUBT is a courtroom thriller; a viscous slaughter so outrageous the defense would have us asking ourselves how could a man do that to his wife? With an ending so unpredictable, it will have you asking…what the hell?



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adjective: faithless

1. disloyal, especially to a spouse or partner; untrustworthy. Unfaithful, disloyal, inconstant, false, untrue, adulterous, traitorous; fickle, flighty, untrustworthy, unreliable, undependable; deceitful, two-faced, double-crossing; informal cheating, two timing, backstabbing; literary perfidious



Charlize young, beautiful, looking forward to her future.

She’s in love for the first time.

Sure, she’s had her share of sadness and disappointment in the past, but her life was finally on the right track.

Will the town’s golden girl fulfill her dreams, or would she come to know the most profound betrayal?

Only time will tell…and one thing is certain, time cares little for you. It will leave you begging for more just as quick as it will leave you in the dust. It’s up to you to set it straight…




Self Love is in the Air Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Blog Hop!

Self love is in the air? Huh? Well, May is Masturbation Month, and what better way to celebrate than with sexy erotica and prizes! First the erotica part – please enjoy this short piece I wrote especially for the Self Love is in the Air blog hop – I hope it inspires!

sweet james

Sweet James

I sat at the bar. Smiling, I arrived earlier than the others and got the best seat in the house, so to speak. I was in my own little world, totally satisfied at my luck. It was somewhat like getting a seat in the owner’s box. The seat that guaranteed the best service; and that service was delivered by the bartender with the pretty blue eyes.

I named him James. A proper name for a proper server. I have to admit, I didn’t know his name. I’d heard him referred to as ‘Boss’, ‘hey Man’, ‘Sweety’ and ‘Yo’. Sweety was the one that angered me the most. It sounded so sexist.

This night he looked up and scanned the bar, as he typically did, looking to see if anyone needed a refill, a new drink, or directions to the facilities. When our eyes meet, although briefly. I clamped my thighs together tightly and smiled as I moved one leg then the next, slowly, methodically. I did this several times. Rubbing my thighs together, letting the small tingles I felt ride up my legs to the center of my belly until sitting still was near impossible…almost painfully so. I found myself staring into the abyss, trying as hard as I could to forget that I had no one to go home to. That my nights here, sitting alone at a bar, like some freak of nature, looking for love in all the wrong places, just to go home and wake to another day. But then, I remembered why I was here. I looked up and searched for him. ‘James’. He was attending to his customers and fantasied I was here for him.

I fantasied he wanted me.

I fantasied he needed me.

He caught my eyes and smiled. The rubbing intensified. I smiled back. I lowered my hand and rest it against my damp swollen mound, which I realized was burning with desire. I lowered my eyes, hoping he couldn’t see that I was still staring at him through my thick lashes.

I inhaled slowly holding my breath. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he walked in my direction. My hand quickly found it back onto the top of the bar to grasp the stem of my glass and the blush I felt, slowly spread from my breasts to my cheeks, was hopefully concealed by the low lighting of the bar.



“Can I get you something?”

Oh, you already have, I wanted to say but just shook my head.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” The word came out a breathless whisper.

“Well, just call me if you need anything.”

I nodded and smiled.

‘Oh I need something.’ I smiled wickedly, thankful he didn’t see it.

I watched him for some time, squeezing my legs together, brushing my fingers over my damp pussy, my eyes closing as I imagined him licking me. Touching me. Fucking me.

I rocked back and forth on that stool, oblivious to the crowd around me growing ever louder. I quickened my pace and flicked my fingertips until I was about to burst.

Tilting my head back I let out a whimper as I let my body answer the call of my desire.

I slowly opened my eyes and noticed nothing had changed. The crowds were acting as they always did. Sniffing around, trying to find mate for the evening. Someone to give them something to fill their emptiness. Everything was the same, everything except ‘James’. I found his eyes watching me. Burning into mine fueling my desires once again. I smiled and raised my hand.

He returned my smile and walked over to where I sat.

“Can I get you something?”

“You already did.”

“I’m sorry?” A quizzical look on his face.

“You gave me just what I needed.”

I got up and took my purse from the bar top.

“Have a good night. Thank you.” He looked down at the tip I’d left.

“No James, thank you.”

I turned to leave.


I believe he corrected me regarding his name, but I didn’t pay attention.

He was James to me.


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Would you have faith in life…

in love…

or even the people you trusted if you walked in Charlize’s shoes?

‘Troubled small town golden girl found brutally murdered. A seeming act of random violence?

Too little blood, too many questions, too many secrets…

Detective Rebecca Shafer catches her first case in her new town.

Is she being set up for failure? Or is she the outsider needed to unearth the dirty secrets surrounding this case.

She methodically follows her heart, her gut, and the long trail of lies, which leads her to a most unlikely suspect…’

But will Charlize ever find peace?



Friday Flash


I lowered myself onto the bed and slowly, methodically pulled up my fishnet stockings. And after delicately rolling them over my hips realized I’d forgotten to put my thong on. I was late, no time to redo the whole stocking ritual.

I was meeting him!

The man I’d been corresponding with on the internet, and before you prejudge me, I’m not some floozy who scours the internet searching for someone to fuck. We, Jack and I, have a lot in common. Let’s leave it at that.

We do.

Anyway, I stood up and immediately felt the light pressure of the thin strands of elastic digging into my flesh. I walked over and removed my black dress from the hanger and slid it over my body, enjoying the silky feeling caressing my bare skin. But even more enticing, was the feeling of the fishnets moving along my clit and labia, applying just the right amount of pressure in just the right places.

I walked the few steps to my shoe closet and was about to slip my feet into my four and a half inch stilettos when I suddenly stopped and moaned out loud. A shot of adrenaline shot through me causing my body to tingle. I shook my head in denial. Did I just come? Seriously?

Raising my hand to my breasts I wasn’t surprised to find my nipples erect. I lightly ran my fingers over the hardened nubs and purposefully slipped on my heels before heading to the bathroom to apply lipstick.

Again, I stopped and moaned, this time squeezing my nipples simultaneously. Good God, this was incredible. The feeling so intense I trembled. But at this rate, I’ll never get out of this apartment. I quickly grabbed a pair of silk underwear from my drawer and shoved them down the fishnets, placing a barrier between my swollen clit and the magical elastic. I picked up my purse and rushed out the door.

I took a step in to the dimly lit cocktail lounge, and slowly searched the room for the man with the red rose on his lapel. The music floated through the air, as Unforgettable You was played beautifully by a grey haired man dressed impeccably in a tuxedo. I loved the vibe I felt the moment I stepped into the room. However, I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t anyone here matching his description. I walked over to an empty booth and took a seat.

“Hello, can I get you a drink?”

I looked up to find a very pretty brunette with far too much makeup on and smiled.

“Hi. I’d love a Manhattan up please.”

“I’ll be right back with your drink.”

I opened my purse and took a quick glance in the mirror satisfied with my reflection.

“Here you go.” The brunette placed a napkin in front of me followed by my drink. “Can I get you anything else, something to eat?”

“Oh, no thank you. I’m waiting for someone.” I glanced at the door, “perhaps when he gets here.”

“Sure. I’m Lisa I’ll check on you in a little while.”

“Thank you Lisa.”

I watched her retreat towards the bar and when I turned my head back I noticed a tall man walk through the door. He was wearing a dark suit jacket with a red rose on the lapel. I leaned back in the chair, shrinking into the shadows as I took him in from head to toe.

He had a muscular frame, I could tell by the fit of his jacket. He raised his hand and pushed his dark hair out of his eyes, which I could see from where I sat were a gorgeous green. He turned his head just then and caught me staring and I could feel the blush creep up my neck to my face. That’s when he smiled showing off beautiful straight white teeth. His dimples dipped and his eyes narrowed. My thighs tightened.

He immediately walked over to the booth where I sat.

“Hello.” His voice was sultry and low.

“Hello yourself.” I answered.

“I’m Jack.”

I extended my hand, which he took in his. His warmth wrapped around my chilled fingers.

“I’m Alexa, it’s so nice to finally meet you.”

“May I?” He said indicating the seat across from me.

“Of course, please.”

“I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long, getting a taxi in New York is nearly impossible.”

“I use Uber.”

“I will from now on.”

The brunette reappeared and Devin ordered a scotch neat. I excused myself and went into the ladies room where I removed the silky barrier and tossed them into my purse.

By the time I reached the table I was glowing with the flush of another orgasm.

It’s going to be a long night…

I smiled.





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Faithless….(coming soon)

“Help me get Miss Johnson turned over.”

Rocco walked around the table, and both detectives took a step back, giving them the room they needed. They watched as both men turned the body so that she was positioned on her back.

“Thank you,” Decker said. Rocco nodded and left the room the same way he entered.

Decker positioned the woman’s arms down at her sides. The left arm still jutted out to the side, but then he pulled the cloth up to her shoulders and, lifting her head, placed a low block under her neck before gently, lowering her head back down.

Rebecca walked over to the table and looked at the young woman lying there.

“Tell me something, Charlize.” She lifted the girl’s cold right hand up and examined her fingernails, noting her nail polish was pristine. Her fingernails—filed squarely—were neat and clean. “Either didn’t see it coming or knew who did this.”

“Yeah, that would be my guess.” Decker said.

“Let’s go, Bec. We can come back later. Don’t want to be here when mommy and daddy see their little girl on the slab.”

“You can go outside if you want, Randy, but I’m going to wait.”

“I think she likes watching other people’s misery,” Randy said to Decker.

“That’s a horrible thing to say,” Rebecca answered indignantly. “I want to see if they have any idea who may have wanted their daughter dead.”

“Ah, fine—fuck it. I’m waiting over here.”

He walked over towards the window and stood leaning against the metal desk in the shadows, his arms crossed over his chest.

They didn’t have long to wait before a woman, a very elegant and extraordinarily beautiful woman, pushed her way in, followed by a tall man with a stiff, emotionless face. The woman hesitated for a moment before fixing her gaze on the young woman lying on the stainless table. She stared for a good, long minute, without shifting or moving before looking up. Her mouth turned down, her face entirely vacant.

Decker Finley standing to the left of her nodded his head in greeting, “Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, I am very sorry for your loss.”

Rebecca noticed her fists clench before she walked determinably up to the metal table where the dead body of her daughter lay. She looked down, her eyes slowly sweeping the length of the young woman’s covered body. Then she spun around, taking a step closer to her husband, who kept his distance from the table, and looked him squarely in the eyes. She said in a low voice, vibrating with anger, “You get that son of a bitch, Craig, or I will.”

I just released a new novella, Where I Found My Heart. No murder in this one, just romance – sweet and sexy romance!

Reny, unable to face life head on, shut out the world beyond her windows, closing off anything that reminded her of her past – a smile, a laugh, a touch. She lived in a world of pain and sorrow, remaining safe in her cocoon…barely existing.

Libby plagued by a need to comfort Reny, wanted desperately to help her heal. Knowing without Reny’s recovery, she, herself, would not find peace.

Mark had suffered a personal loss, one that nearly claimed him, but chose to survive, to not give in to grief. He felt something deep inside, a growing determination to find her…that special someone who needed him as much as he needed her.

Three people, three worlds, collide, leaving behind the true path to happiness.

Maybe you just have to say goodbye before you can say hello…

Story excerpt:

He traced the bottom of my bra with his fingers until he got to the center. Then he slowly—achingly slow—walked them up until he reached my nipples, which were tightening into oversensitive nubs.

I took a deep breath, trying hard to get air into my lungs so my head would stop spinning.

“Jesus Dylan.”

He pulled me back to him, until my body was against his and I could feel him conform to me.

His body actually molded to mine.

It was hot as hell.

He was hot as hell.

It was like we were one. I really think sometimes we were.

“No, just Dylan. Or sugar lips, or honey pie.”

I laughed out loud.

“You are so corny sometimes. You sound like a character in Gone with the Wind or something.”

“I do, don’t I?”

He cupped my breasts, and I immediately put down the spoon I was stirring the sauce with, and turned around to face him.

His eyes literally twinkled and I almost lost it. His amazing, light hazel orbs with the golden specks surrounded by thick dark lashes were my undoing. No. Actually, it was that damned smile of his. Gut punched me every time he used it. And he used it a lot.

“I think you need a break.”

“Oh, do I?”

“Yeah, you been slaving over that stove for um…” He overzealously looked at his watch, “twenty minutes now. I think you deserve a break.”

“Mmmm. I think you’re right.”



Available for Kindle on Amazon. Click the book cover to get your copy today!


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