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In the beginning…

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I find myself here…

I’m feeling a little anxious as I make my debut into the blogging world, and have to admit I am scared beyond reason.

I write books, stories, that play out over several months, even years, involve several complex characters and always include at least one character that is overtly selfish and very brutal.

I know. Not your typical erotica.  In my defense, I think murder and sex go together, like tequila and salt, like black and white, like wine and more wine…

Recently, I had the most wonderful experience writing a short story for an amazing anthology that brought together twelve other authors I greatly admire mostly for their creativity, and brilliance.

Their magical use of words—simple words, complex words—all weaved together so perfectly they take the readers out of their environment and transport them to another place and time. These twelve authors do that, and they do it so effortlessly it boggles my mind.

That wonderful book, Chemical [se]X, has prompted me to try something new.

I thought if I could write a short story, then maybe, just maybe, I could write a blog. Whether or not I will be successful depends on a lot of factors, but I can assure you that I will most definitely be challenged…and that alone, makes it worth a try.

Besides, it will keep the fingers limber, so to speak. Keep the creative juices flowing. Right?

I know I will most likely scare many of you away with my ‘stories’, but the erotic brain thinks in many different ways. I just write mine with a touch of something different. I hope you like them.

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