c.e. hansen author

Titillating Tales That Will Transport You…

Per Chance


He stood at the bar. His back to the rail, a little hung over from the night before.

Not complaining.

He loved being a club owner…ran the show and got the ducks.

Slang for ducks in a row, or ho’s ready to suck.

He smiled slyly, realizing he had to find his three or four girls. He knew time was running out where he’d be able to fuck without the help of the little blue pill. But that wouldn’t not stop him. Sliding his dick into a warm sheath was one of the perks of the business, it was what he enjoyed most about owning a hot club. That, and first rate liquor. Only the best of the best.

Anyway, he scanned the crowd looking for a woman who would strike his fancy. This was typically a brunette with big tits and a tight ass. He could spot a fake set in a second. Hated fake tits and more so, hated padded fake asses.

He liked his ass with just the right amount of jiggle and liked his tits with the right amount of firm.

He’d walk the crowd, looking at the nights offerings, then eventually pick three, four and if he was feeling extra randy, five holes. He had his boy Jeremy on it now. His wingman. The guy that always delivered the goods. Nothing made him feel more like a king then when one by one each woman would be brought to his office, in order of desirability, to be fucked—in their pussies, their mouths, their asses, and one of his favorites, between their big and bouncy tits—then sent on their merry way. They got some perks too, tabs fully paid, full bottle service for them and their party. Their friends would think she was a fucking Goddess and she could put a notch in her belt for having the good luck of fucking him.

It always amazed him that none of these women ever complained about feeling used. Not that it would change how he did a thing. He never forced them. That was the part he love the most, they came willingly. And they wanted what he wanted. The wanted to come, and for them, the women that is, it was always more than once. He knew exactly how to pleasure a woman. And that one time in a hundred, when he found the real deal. The full package; tits, ass and an award-wining smile, who happened to have an insatiable hunger for sex. Those were the ones he’d fuck all night. But that didn’t happen often.

In fact, most of these holes where vying for his attention, and as long he got his rocks got off and she screamed, all was good. He didn’t even give a fuck if she faked it, as long as she did it well.

He briefly remembered a pair of amber eyes that implored him to impale her. Thrust his cock in and out of her so hard and fast she’d be chafed, and he knew she’d walk crooked for a week. Her mouth, more precise, her lips were swollen from sucking his cock dry. Hell, that was a definite turn on. But there was something that made him feel uncomfortable. Something he couldn’t put his finger on. But he knew he didn’t like it. It made his skin crawl. He needed to show her he didn’t fall for the holes. He got off, spent his load, slept and did it all over again the next night. He quickly pushed the thought of those amber eyes from his mind.

It took him a few seconds of scanning the crowd before his eyes stalled on the red headed beauty.

She was exquisite all the way from the top of her head, where the golden red tendrils fell down in a cascade of soft curls surrounding her face like a halo, and he smirked as he felt his heart rate increase. Fuck Viagra, he’d never need any drug with that one.

He took his time savoring the view, his eyes drinking in her beauty. He smiled when he felt his mouth actually began to salivate.

She had the softest-looking porcelain skin, both smooth and radiant and he was aching to touch it, feel it against him. He noticed her gracefully arched eyebrows, which seemingly hovered above the most striking green eyes he’d ever seen in his life.

Her nose was straight and perfect.

Her lips thick, plumb and pouty, promised more. He knew just looking at those lips, that he wanted his dick slipping between them. He reached down and felt his hard on throbbing under his palm like he was a fucking seventeen year old.

Just then, as if on cue, she smiled revealing teeth so perfect and white he was transfixed.

He noticed right away, her entire face lit up when she smiled.

He wrapped his fingers around the rail that circled the room, dividing the sitting area from the dance floor, feeling the need to steady himself and was fucking glad he had.

She turned and faced him and her eyes immediately found his.

Their gazes locked.

She looked down towards the floor for a moment, but he could see the smile that slowly spread along those plump kissable, fuckable lips and his heart raced again.

She lifted her hand and as if in slow motion pushed her silken strands behind her ears, almost painfully slow.

Her movements triggered a physical reaction and all at once, he was finding it difficult to breathe.

She was breathtaking.


She was all encompassing.

She lit up the entire room, and her smile, it lit him up from the inside out, like hot coals in the pit of his stomach, the heat quickly spreading to his loins.

He felt himself harden even more.

He knew he had to have her.

Had to feel her.

Had to hold her.

Him along with every man in the room.



“I got you a few ladies. They’re lined up near the steps.” He loved using the term ladies, as they were anything but ladies, the contradiction of the term humored him.

He glanced over quickly eyeing the ladies and almost laughed out loud. Not one of the litter was comparable to the red headed beauty that not only caught his attention, but totally captivated him.

“Fuck that. Jeremy. Put those bitches on hold.” His eyes scoured the room and he once again found her. “I’ll take care of this.”

“What ever you want boss.”

He glanced around quickly noticing that more than a few men were open mouthed, watching, caught in the spell she cast. The same one that had him transfixed.

She stepped down onto the dance floor and walked towards him. Her gait, slow and steady as she approached him. Her long legs moved stealthily like a jungle cat.

This is where we separate the men from the boys.

He didn’t let on that his heart pounded wildly in his chest but for a moment he doubted his own attraction and feared she set her sites on one of the other eager cocks looking to bury themselves into her warm sheath, but then he saw it.

The gleam in her eyes, as they once again focused on him. It was a sparkle, unlike any he’d ever seen, it set her apart from every other woman he’d every known.

Her hips swayed provocatively as she walked towards him and his cock throbbed to the rhythm of her hips.

He hadn’t realized he’d been holding his breath until the moment she spoke.



He was shocked at how insignificant his answer was. How it belied the storm brewing inside, emanating within the depths of his soul, as well as his groin.

He, who had his choice of any women, now found himself at this woman’s mercy.

He was undone.

“I’m Reny.” She extended her hand, her fingers, long and elegant, wrapped around his thick hand. His pulse giving away the storm brewing within.

He felt the electrical charge that flicked off the top of his skin, evaporating immediately into the ether.

“Pleased to met you Reny.”


He was sure she could feel his heart beating, as his hand began to sweat, belying the tumultuous feelings building inside him, but if she noticed she didn’t let on, she just smiled knowingly.

“And you are?” Her voice soft and pretty was deliberate.


“Well, Zac. It’s nice to meet you.”

He was sure she noticed the dozens of eyes trained on them, but she acted as though she were oblivious to anyone but him.

“Would you like a drink?” He was finally regaining his senses. Felt his dick, still hard, but decided to change the electricity in the atmosphere, and feeling somewhat territorial and overly protective of the red headed beauty standing beside him he pulled her closer to him, breathing in the scent of her hair which was strangely familiar, and simply memorable.

He was aware of the heat radiating off her body, and the scent of her sweat triggered by the heat. It was enveloping. It was intoxicating.

“I would.” Her smile blinded him.

“I’ll be right back.”

“No.” Her tone overtly frightened.  She looked uncomfortable for a millisecond, but quickly recovered. “I mean. I’ll come with you if it’s okay.”

He reached for her hand and squeezed it reveling again in its softness.

“Reny…I like it.”

“Me too Zac.” Her laughter sounded like bells ringing in his ears. Perfectly pitched.

She looked longingly at him and he nearly lost his footing.

What the fuck? Look at me. I’m acting like a love-sick school boy.

They had one drink standing at the edge of the bar, both leaning their backs against the wooden railing. Small talk filled the crowded space, but as each minute passed, the attraction between the both of them grew until it was palpable.

She leaned into him. Her body pressed up against him and his breath hitched.

She brought her hand up and pushed her long elegant fingers through the thickness of his hair, moving it to the side, the tips searing his scalp.

“You have soulful eyes Zac.” Her voice low and sexy nearly caused him to forget who he was for a moment.

“You are beautiful.” It was more a proclamation then anything else.

“Well Zac. I need a favor. Think that’s something you can manage?”

“Without a doubt.” He was the man.

“I need it now.” Now that was a proclamation.

“Here?” He asked before knowing what he already knew.

“What is better than the here and now?”

“Nothing. Not a fucking thing.”

“Now you are talking my language.” He lowered his hand once again and wrapped around his rock hard dick. He tried to shift himself. Tried to make it not so obvious. It was impossible.

He pulled her by her hand and led her through the crowded room, through the several pairs of eyes that were fixed on the attractive couple, past the pathetic line of women willing to throw themselves at him, practically begging him to use them as he wished. He navigated her up the stairs to the second floor where his offices were located.

He was sure he could hear the sounds of hearts of a few men breaking, but he couldn’t care less.

Once on the second floor, he walked her down a long hallway and over to a closed door, and after inserting his key pushed open the thick door and ushered her inside, making sure it was closed and locking behind them.

“Perfect.” She said as she slowly took in their surroundings.

There was a black leather couch, a long table with six chairs around it.

She spotted a door and nodded towards it, her eyes questioning.

“That’s my office.”

“Let’s go in there.”

“I aim to please.”

The bells rang again throwing him of guard, and his goal.

The main goal.

Having this woman beneath him. Taking his time as he inch by inch explored her perfect body.

He pulled the same set of keys out of his pocket and opened the second door. As it swung open he flipped the switch and looked up as the lights slowly came on, dimly illuminating the large space.

“You…work here?” She said doubtfully, and he physically felt his chest puff up. Still, her voice was low and sultry, her hand rested on his shoulder passively, a smile playing on her lips.

“I do.” He smiled back. In his familiar surroundings he was beginning to feel his normal confidence return. He regained his posture as he looked around the room, fanaticizing about the things he was about to do with her, to her.

“I think it’s perfect.”

He felt his cock twitch.

Perfect. Perfect.

Yes. It will be.

She leaned into him. He felt the softness of her rub against his thigh and nearly lost his mind. He had to have her and he had to have her now.

Almost as if she could sense his urgency, her arms encircled his neck and she stood on her toes, her lips so close to his he could taste her rum laden breath as it fanned over his mouth.

“I want to lick you.” Her was voice soft, but needy, as she ran her tongue up the side of his neck to his jaw.

He deftly lifted her onto the desk and stepped between her spreading thighs, his hands firmly on her knees. He was beyond hard. He could feel his dick thicken, stretching its thin skin to capacity, the thought of entering her preeminent in his mind.

He held her face in his hand and tilted her head to the side.

Closing his eyes, he leaned in. His nostrils flared, filling with the scent of her, the familiar scent of her.


He suckled the soft skin under her jaw and was rewarded with the trembling of her body.

He inclined further and rubbed the length of his cock against her thigh.

She was a woman of little words but her intentions were crystal clear. This woman was begging to be fucked.

He tugged her top down to her midsection, exposing the most perfect breasts he’d ever seen which were now proudly pushing against the soft fabric of her bra, making visible the outline of her large dimpled areolas and hard nipples. He was almost tempted to count the dots.

He once again noticed saliva building rapidly in his mouth and forcefully swallowed.

She wore an off the shoulder top with plenty of give enabling him to effortlessly push it further down. He cautiously removed each breast from the strained fabric and stood back to admire the perfection of her curvaceous form.

Everything about this woman was perfect.

He smirked, feeling the self-satisfied smile make its way to the corners of his mouth, as he slowly moved the straps slowly down her arms. Painfully slow.

She moaned as he lowered his mouth and began sucking and licking her pert nipples. He nearly lost himself as she thrust her chest forward, inviting him to take her deeper into his mouth.

He did.

She reached out and grabbed his hand in hers, pulling it down.

Down, down, down.

Where she lifted her skirt, her hand still guiding his, and placed his fingers at the gates of heaven, the apex between her silky thighs.

She pushed his fingers down and moved just so, using the tips of his fingers she thrust her body forward and began masturbating. The wetness that coated his fingers also lubricated the thickening lips of her vagina. She moaned as she began rocking her hips slowly at first, in a methodic rhythm, moving against his splayed fingers.

He could feel her moist folds thicken, nearly begging him to sink himself into their depth. She was ready.

He slowly pushed his middle finger into her and shuttered as she grabbed him and pulled him closer to her taking the flesh of his shoulder into her mouth and bit down hard.

She smiled as his body involuntarily jerked knowing she turned him on more as her teeth grazed his skin, breaking through the thin layer.

He forcefully rubbed her clit with his forefinger before slowly plunging it deep into her softness.

He moaned audibly when he found her wet pussy was tight, her blood pulsed in a dancing rhythm around his fingers.

Circling his thumb over her hardened nub he got the reaction he sought.

She tossed her cascade of golden red curls back and released a long soft groan. She smiled that smile that he found so intoxicating and he was as lost in the moment as she was.

He began to push himself into her, his need growing with every second.

His skin tingled and pulsated, his mind shattered into a thousand different pieces, and all he could he could think about at that moment was his need to plunge himself into her, filling her with every inch of his throbbing cock; making his mark, claiming her as his own.

He slowly pulled his fingers from her and licked each one clean moaning at the taste of her. Wrapping his hand around his cock, he squeezed, reveling in the bittersweet feeling of pleasure and pain.

With her fresh on his tongue he lowered his head and licked her pouty lips. Biting them softly.

She shook her head away and pushed him back before slowly standing up. Her skirt swiftly fell to the floor in a whoosh of soft material.

She wore no panties, which strangely enough surprised him.

Lifting her arms up, she lifted her blouse up and off, her bra followed shortly, landing in the same pile on the floor.

Then she stood before him.



Almost luminescent.

sexShe was flushed with desire, her skin on fire.

He clumsily pushed his already opened pants down, lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it. Not noticing where it fell, he didn’t care.

He shrugged out of his shoes, and stepped out of the legs of his jeans.

His hard-on reached out like a magnet searching to find its polarity, pulling him towards the slickness between her legs.

“Come here.” Her voice, husky with desire, sent a chill up his spine.

“I’m coming.”

“Not so fast.” She laughed delicately…bells.

He beamed.

Stepping closer into the arch of her legs he felt her opening with the tip of his slick cock.

Looking down he saw her juices glistening on his tip. She reached down and ran her finger over the head and smiled deviously looking up at him.

She had him burning for release.

Every nerve ending under his skin ached for his woman.

He needed to take her, but held his aggression back. It would not do to rush this.

This needed to be savored…enjoyed…remembered.

She sat her thick round ass on the desk and slowly leaned back her on her elbows, spreading her legs. Her large breasts – pointing upward – balanced perfectly on her small frame.

He tweaked her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs and slowly rolled them, shaping them, hardening them.

She arched her back against his slight grip and gasped loudly.

“Fuck me.” Her voice was breathy, almost needy.

He shuffled forward and nearly came immediately as he felt himself slowly slide into her; the crest of his cock rubbed against every nook inside her as he slid, one excruciating inch at a time, into her depths.

He lolled his head backwards and smiled at both his luck, and the ceiling.

He was so intent on plunging himself further into to swollen crevice he didn’t notice the tight pinch, but he heard a hollow laugh fill the sexually tense, enclosed space.

His body shook uncontrollably as a tremor shot through him from the inside out.

His eyes shot wide open, and he looked at her as the shock registered.

The world slowed down and stopped for several seconds and he stood transfixed, watching in amazement as she was sprayed in a fine coating of crimson. She wore a smile that told another story. One he would never know the answer to. She reached one arm out and pushed at his midsection. He teetered, falling backwards, his cock still hard as it slid out of her.

He tried to speak but his mouth filled up very quickly. He spit it out but his throat was overcome with what he could only assume was more.

He realized he was drowning.

He looked back up towards the ceiling and seeing no answer there, whimpered.

His view suddenly blocked by the most beautiful face he’d ever seen wearing a sardonic smile that she barely held at bay. It was tugging at the sides of her luscious lips.

He was confused when his body racked with a violent tremor that spread, as if in slow motion, from his toes to his head.

She lowered her face closer to him and he felt the soft sweep of her hair as it fell down like a curtain on the sides of her head.

“Before you die. Before you breathe your last breath, know who I am.” Her beautiful smile now contorted into a mask, a pained mask. “My sister Emanuela, you remember Manny don’t you?” She looked into his eyes, enjoying the panic she observed. “You left her in a pool of her own blood to die alone. I only want the same for you.”

She picked up his discarded shirt and wiped herself clean then walked over to where she’d left her clothes. She bent down and picked them up. Then dressed and removed the keys from his pocket. Stepping over the puddle that quickly spread out encircling his very handsome face and looking back for a moment, she locked the door behind her

As she made her way through the long corridor and down the stairs she pulled her hair up clasping it with a clip she retrieved from her purse, and determinably walked over to the table where she nodded to her friends before sitting in the vacant chair, reserved for her.

“Champagne please.” She said to the woman sitting at her left.

“I already ordered it. It’s coming. What took you so long?”

“It was far too much fun to rush.”
















3 thoughts on “Per Chance

  1. Hot, sexy, and freaky! Very nice!

  2. 😉 ‘The gate’s of heaven’ fabulous!

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