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Titillating Tales That Will Transport You…


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With his hand wrapped securely around the back of her neck, pressing her down, keeping her in place, she took a deep breath and tried to straighten her back.


She dug her fingernails into the leather of the high back chair to position herself.

He applied more pressure and for a split second she felt fear, exhilaration, and something else…impending satisfaction.


She was excited.

Using all the strength she could garner she remained still.

The muscles in her thighs ached with the effort, and began to tremble.

His other hand roughly traveled the length of her torso until it came to rest on her haunch.


It wasn’t a suggestion.

She wanted to scream.

She wanted to turn and face him. Let him know that she wasn’t frightened, but his hand held her menacingly in place.

She took a step to the left, precariously balancing her body.

The saliva built so rapidly in her mouth, her throat worked quickly to disperce it. She swallowed in quick succession, fearing the movement was something he would notice.

The small hairs on the back of her nape stood, her body trembled involuntarily.

But she knew better than to speak. It would only make it worse.

His hand vacated it’s position on her outer thigh and she took the moment to take a breath.


Her body froze.

She was afraid to anger him although every fiber of her being was screaming for release. She knew if she spoke, things could and would, most definitely, get worse.

Her abdomen tightened spastically and for a millisecond she feared he’d notice.

“Don’t do that again.”

His tone was low but she could hear the menacing tenor of his voice.

There wasn’t a way to let him know she wouldn’t.

She wouldn’t move.

She’d keep her breathing low and shallow.

Small even breaths, she said over and over…a mantra.

Wouldn’t do her any good to lose control.

She felt something rub between her thighs.




“Don’t make a sound.”

She was frustrated. Unable able to nod or even give a sign that she’d heard him and would obey.

She found the onslaught of trembling that threatened to overtake her already overly stiff frame…agonizingly pleasurable.

Agonizingly pleasurable.

She thought for the briefest of moments those were the perfect words to describe the taut pressure, the aching need, the balancing on the edge of nothingness–everything–she felt.

She wanted to scream.

The vibration in her throat endangering the very small ground she had gained, and she rapidly swallowed again…over and over.

I don’t know if I could fucking do this.

I don’t know if I could fucking do this.

And without warning he pushed into her. Impaling her.

His cock, thick and rigid, pushed into her, invading what was hers, belonged to her moments ago.

Her fingers clenched tightly, digging into the expensive leather, and she bit down violently, immediately tasting blood on the bed of her tongue.

She sucked quietly.

He began to move slowly inside her, the length of him pressing. Pushing, against the walls of her tight, clenching pussy.

She continued sucking quietly at her lip again and somehow, as if he could sense, as if he knew, he began moving inside her keeping pace with her pursing lips.

Each suck on her lower lip matched the rhythm of his hips.

She felt a pull inside her.

Deep down inside her.

She knew it was a matter of mere moments when she would be thrusting her teeth into her lips again.

A fire built in her core.

It’s intensity causing her legs to waver slightly, and she silently prayed he didn’t notice.

Prodding her fingers deeper into the thick leather in an effort to balance her now failing limbs, she filled her lungs with air, inhaling slowly…deeply. Thankful the dizziness slowly dispersed.

“You. Wait.”

That was what she feared the most.

Without warning she felt a hard slap against the side of her ass that nearly sent her tumbling over. The sound reverberated throughout the small space


Her knees almost buckling beneath her.

The searing heat from the blow spread rapidly, eventually trickling down to her pussy.

Her juices collected at her apex before beginning to run down the inside her legs.

She slowly pulled the air into her lungs once again, willing her body to ‘obey’ her.

The pressure building at an irrepressible rate.

The tension loud.

Her temples pounding in time with his hips…her sucking.

“Wait.” His voice brooked no argument.

Every cell in her body screamed for release.

He grunted pressing down on her neck painfully.

She nearly collapsed when the full weight of his torso came to rest on her back. Her legs shaking with muscle fatigue.

His chest hair rubbed along her back.

Time stood still as she waited on the edge of the precipice.

“Now.” He breathed.

One word.

One word sent her body, soul and being into a whirlwind of emotion and sensation.

One word sent her soaring.

She screamed her release…wailing her pleasure.

Her legs weak, her fingers crippled with the exertion, she lifted her back upright and leaned against him.

He quickly brought his hands up to her tits and squeezed her nipples tightly…applying just the right amount of pressure.

She spasmed before her body tensed against his.


His approval came as his fingers ran up her slick opening.

“God…God…God.” She heard the whisper of air pass through her bloodied lips.

He leaned down and gently kissed her neck.

She waited for the strength to return to her legs before she turned to face him.

“I love you.” Her voice so raspy she wasn’t fully confident it was her own.

“I love you too.”

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