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The Liebster Award



The very sultry, and sexy Oleander Plume nominated me for a Liebster award, and to say I was literally swept off my feet would not necessarily tell you how awesome I feel.

Fantastic. That’s the word I’d use.

Thank you, gorgeous, for the nomination!

As you probably know, this award comes with some rules, so if you are nominated, and you want to participate, you are required to do the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. Answer the questions provided by the person who nominated you.
3. Provide eleven random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve the award and have less than one thousand followers.
5. Create a new list of questions for the bloggers to answer.

Those are the rules and I think I got this, only caveat is that I don’t know five bloggers to nominate, let alone eleven, so I’m gonna have to wing this I think.

First, here are my answers to Oleander’s questions:

1. What would you pick to be your personal theme song?

It’s Raining Men! – The Weather Girls

2. Tell me your favorite movie quote (and what movie it’s from).

I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers – Blanche DuBois

A Streetcar Named Desire

3. What have you always wanted to write about, but haven’t yet?

That’s hard to answer. I think I’ve hit on every topic…except a personal (very personal) one on one interview with Chris Hemsworth…naked.

4. What are you wearing on your feet right now?

Nail polish

5. What is your favorite sex position to put your story characters into?

I love a good against the wall bang, complete with thighs wrapped around hips. Great turn on right?

6. Would you like fries with that?

Silly question…Of course! And a milkshake to dip them in – preferably chocolate.

7. Favorite cartoon character?

Casper the Friendly Ghost

8. You just won a million dollars, what would you do first?

Quit my day job and write!

9. BCILF? (Book Character I’d Like to Fuck)

Lestat (vampire) and don’t you go confusing that wonderfully written man with Tom Cruise. UGH

10. Who is your favorite music artist?

CCR – Creedance Clearwater Revival

11. What are you writing at the moment?

I’ve got three irons in the fire, all suspense thrillers.

Thanks again to OleanderPlume for nominating me!

Now for those eleven random facts about myself. Think it’s easy? Try it!

1. I love to go barefooted…always.

2. I’ve dyed my hair for so long, I truly don’t know the real color!

3. I eat, sleep and dream writing. It’s all I want to do…oh, and that brings me to the next…

4. I love my evening adult beverage. No, I don’t drink every night, but I would if I could!

5. I talk to myself excessively. I like the end result. I always agree with me.

6. Cooking, as well as eating is another of my passions.

7. I take unbelievably horrific pictures. The camera hates me. Really, it does.

8. Number 8 is my favorite number, followed closely by 16. I see a pattern here.

9. My second favorite thing to do is lounge out in front of an incredibly beautiful ocean (preferably the Caribbean.)

10. I typically don’t like to talk on the phone, and except for a few good friends, refrain from it as much as I could.

11. I love murder. You figure that one out.

This is where I run into that problem I told you about earlier. I know very few bloggers and the few I know have already participated in this challenge. So what’s a girl to do?

So, if anyone wants a go at this, here are my 11 questions for you.

1. Black or white?

2. Alcohol or no?

3. Fatty foods or healthy?

4. Ice Cream or not ice cream?

5. How do you write a good sex scene…research or imagination?

6. Coffee or tea?

7. Read or television?

8. Music or not? If so, who?

9. Shower or bath?

10. Shoes or no?

11. What is your favorite movie and why?

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