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Wait…What…Who is this?


Touch herself 

Where did the rest of the story go? Don’t worry, you will be able to read “Wait…What…Who is This?” in its entirety sometime soon!

Wait…What…Who is this?

I love when your cock is hard and I’m this wet I could almost feel you inside me

She hit the send button then waited a few seconds, but when she got no reply she placed her phone on the bed stand and quickly walked into to the bathroom to empty her bladder.

“I need a fuckin’ drink.”

She said as she made her way into the kitchen to make herself another drink.

‘That son of a bitch, if he jerked off before I got going…damn!’ she thought rushing back into the bedroom, drink spilling down her wrist, to where she left her cell.

She picked up her phone and saw a media message. Smiling, she anxiously tapped on it opening the pic and lay back on her bed in anticipation.

“Here we go.” She said with a sultry smile playing at the corner of her lips. Leaning up on one elbow she looked down and almost spit her drink out. It was NOT what she was expecting at all.

“Who the hell’s dick is this. It most definitely ain’t Jerry’s.”

6 thoughts on “Wait…What…Who is this?

  1. That was H.O.T!!! Loved it!!

  2. good grief you bring the heat, i love the suspense and the unbelievable sexiness here!!!

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