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heels and cuffs 2

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“Jimmy you see that?”


“She just walked in front of the plate-glass in the fuckin’ buff. Holy shit!”

“Goddamn it! Where?”

“Missed it asshole, too bad too. Damn, she has perfect fucking tits.”

He grunted angrily. “Fucking liar.” I heard him mumble under his breath.

“Those ariels are perfect. Sweet Jesus, perfect. Light and round, pink and swollen…” I smiled brightly.

“Fuck you. And it’s areolas you fucking moron!”


I know what that tone meant. It meant he would go out of his way to ensure I would suffer somehow later when we weren’t on duty. When he put two and two together and realized I purposefully didn’t give him a heads up when his ‘perp crush’ walked in front of the large glass plate window, naked as the day she was born.

Of course, it wouldn’t matter that he was too fucking busy texting his fuck tart. The bitch he’d be sure as hell sticking his dick in later. But that wouldn’t carry any weight. Now he was just pissed off I didn’t give him any notice she was standing there, no matter how briefly, with nothing on but a grimace. ‘Fuck him.’


4 thoughts on “‘Confused?’

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  2. This is brilliant! Loved it, hot, sexy with a twist, just like I like my martinis!!! xoxox

  3. You’re sweetly twisted and I love you just like that! Thank you darling!

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