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Titillating Tales That Will Transport You…

Excerpt from ‘It’s A Shame’

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Cole lifted the bourbon to his lips, sipped briefly and set his glass down. I opened my menu, turning my attention to the food choices.

“What are you in the mood for?” I asked as I perused the menu.

When he didn’t answer, I looked up to find him glowering at me, an intense burning in his eyes, and a provocative smile playing on his lips.

He leaned in close and whispered, “You really need to ask me that?”

When he saw me shift in my seat uncomfortably, his lips slowly curled at the corners and I nearly fell off my chair, my pulse flickering out of control.

“Ace…” I trailed, trying hard to regain my composure.

He leaned in and pulled the menu down, exposing my face.

“Grace,” he admonished, “you need to stop this. It’s driving me crazy.”

His voice was so sultry I could have slid off the seat as he reached out and ran his thumb along my bottom lip, gently tugging it from the clenches of my teeth.

I licked the path left by his finger, his heated touch sending shivers through my body.

“It’s a nervous reaction.”


I jerked in surprise when I felt Cole’s hand on my knee.

“This is my reaction,” his gaze penetrating, “and I’m not nervous.”

He started caressing me. The heat in his fingers, as they skimmed the tops of my silk covered legs, was searing me, branding me. The fiery tips danced across the sensitive skin above my stockings, and continued further down between my legs gently prying them apart. I felt goose bumps rise over my entire body and I shook involuntarily.

His fingers trailed a heated path between my thighs until they were met with a silk barrier. Making short work of moving it aside, he softly stroked my clit with the pad of his thumb. Then he rolled over the hypersensitive area in a circular motion. I audibly moaned when he inserted his fingers inside me, gliding them in an out of my tender flesh. I grabbed the edge of the table with both hands and instinctively closed my legs; I was met with a low growl.

“You started this,” he warned, his voice husky and coated thickly with lust. His fingers continued their decadent torture, showing me no mercy. A thousand pins and needles rolled under the surface of my skin, prickling in succession as they shot through every nerve ending, leaving me heady, my breathing erratic.

“Ace, don’t…not here,” I moaned my pulse quickening, my desire mounting rapidly.

I’ve never been more thankful for a few yards of material than I was for the long flowing table cloth that draped to the floor providing cover as I rocked my hips to meet his thrusting fingers…longing seeping into each and every pore.

“Cole…please…if you don’t stop I’m going to come right here.” I begged softly my voice scarcely audible. Though we both know I wasn’t able to stop my wanton behavior, nor did I want him to stop at all; my core was on fire.

“That’s the idea,” he whispered, his voice strained with sexual tension.

I picked up my menu, to hide my face, but he reached over and pushed it back down.

“I want to see your face when you come.” The words glided out on a breath and I lost all control.

I lowered the menu to the table and ventured a glance in his direction, discovering his gaze fixed on me. Our eyes locked, his piercing green bore into mine, his facial expression left no question as to the level of his tenacity.

Being discovered was not a concern for him, as the heat of his fingers burned a trail into the folds of my cleft, searing me. I felt the flush crawl up my neck to my face. I was undone. His fingers moved skillfully inside me, as the combustible fire within me rapidly spread to each nerve ending.

I had as much control of my body, as I had of his fingers. Surrendering, I lay my head against the tall curved back of the chair and closed my eyes, savoring the orgasm rolling over and through me. I continued grinding against his fingers until I was weak, until the last quiver racked my body, all the while praying silently we wouldn’t be thrown out of the restaurant.

Some moments later, after the powerful contractions ebbed, I slowly raised my eyelids to find him staring me with a devilishly triumphant smile.

“Better?” he inquired.

“Oh. My. God.” I enunciated each word with a pant.

It took me a minute or two gain my equilibrium back. I took a deep breath and sat up in my chair, rubbing the tops of my thighs together, getting each and every last quiver out.

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