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Titillating Tales That Will Transport You…

Excerpt from ‘Act Accordingly’

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By the time I got home, I staggered through the door to my apartment. I had consumed enough champagne and bourbon to warrant a hell of a hangover tomorrow. But now…now I was feeling a bit frisky. So I did what any hot-blooded woman would do, I drunk dialed the hottest man I knew. Well, sorta.

I was looking in my pocket book for my cell phone to call Shannon, and when I couldn’t find it in a reasonable amount of time. I dumped the contents of my small purse onto the top of the counter in the kitchen. My makeup fell to the floor skidding across the tile surface, and my cell phone bounced across the counter bumping against the coffee canister. I noticed it chipped the ceramic.

“Damn it.”

I kicked off my shoes and went to the fridge to pull out the half bottle of champagne I always had available, figuring that if I were doomed to have a head splitting hangover, then I would do it properly. I popped the top over the sink and grabbed a glass out of cupboard. I took a sip, nearly draining the small flute.

After refilling it, I made my way back over to the counter to grab my cell. I scrolled through my contacts in an attempt to get to my phone log and came across a name I haven’t seen in a while. I have to admit, the thought of his voice on the other end had me nearly panting. But what if he had someone in his bed, what if he was in someone else’s bed.

You know, I could have spent the night talking myself out of calling with a list of ‘what if’s’ that were as long as my arm, but then I was drunk.

Did I mention frisky?

So without further ado, I pushed send and listened as the phone rang.

I was about to hang up thinking maybe he was out, or maybe he didn’t have his phone turned on…

“Hello?” The sexiest voice I’d ever heard spilled out of the receiver into my all-to-desperate ear.

I paused. Thinking what an ass I am. I had no plan, no witty line to say. I just…breathed.

Wake up Nic. Are you a total idiot? I screamed inside my head.

“Nic?” His voice was scratchy with sleep.


I was stunned at how speechless I was. I should have rehearsed some sexy one-liners or, at the very least, have something more than ‘yeah’ to say.

“What took you so long?”

I dropped the phone.

My hand shook so much when he asked that, that I actually dropped the phone.

I quickly got down on my knees and retrieved the phone from the floor.

“Hello?” I managed to mumble as I turned the phone around.

Yes, it was upside down.

“Hi.” His voice a little more pert, apparently he was a lot less sleepy now. “You didn’t answer my question.”

“What question?” I answered, trying to buy some time. I mean who in their right mind is going to come flying because you called them. Duh.

“What took you so long?”

“What? Long?”

“Where are you Nic?” he was alert and I could almost see the concerned look on his face, or was it just wishful thinking?

“Um, home.” I actually managed to answer him. “Just got home. Girls took me out…Speed dating. Their idea of a good time.”

“They took you where?” I think I heard him chuckle.

“Told them if they ever do it again, I would personally kill them all.”

Boisterous laughter filtered through the phone, sending shivers all the way from my toes to the nape of my neck.

“Meet anyone interesting?” He asked. I could hear him smile.

“Interesting yeah, noteworthy—nope.” I immediately thought of Robert, then just as quickly, shooed that thought to the side of my alcohol sodden brain.

“I’ve been waiting for you to call. You did promise.” He paused. I wish I could see him so I could gage whether or not he was bullshitting. “I was actually going to call you.”

“Really?” My heart started beating rapidly I felt a little dizzy. “So why didn’t you?” I said, my voice barely a whisper.

“Because you promised and I didn’t think that you were the type who would break their promise. So I waited.” He paused. One second, then two, “very patiently, I might add.”


“Don’t be, at least you called. When can I see you?” He asked, he sounded all sexy and husky. I felt a slight tightening in my midsection.

“When do you want to see me?” I said playfully, or was I stalling again?


“What?” I was sure I was hearing him incorrectly.

“If I had my way, it would be now.”

“ East 72nd Street.” I whispered huskily. I was nearly panting.

“Give me about twenty minutes.”

I think I either was in shock, or dreaming.

I choose shock!


He sounded as anxious as I was.

“Oh, what apartment number? I’d rather not wakeup every one of your neighbors pushing their buttons.”

Especially since you can be here pushing mine.

“16B.” I said, my voice failing me. My head was spinning, and I needed to take a shower.

“It wouldn’t have stopped me.”


“Having to wake every one of your neighbors, I’ll see you soon.”

Yup, that was my insides clenching.

“I’ll be here.”



Holy shit. I believe that was my very first booty call.

I jumped up and ran or rather stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Damn I was going to actually have sex with the hottest man I’d ever laid eyes on.

I ducked under the water and washed the memory of speed dating away. I got out and dried off quickly. I loaded the toothbrush with toothpaste and brushed my teeth, twice.

I walked over to my dresser and opened my lingerie draw pulling out the sexiest bra and panties I owned. I knew exactly where they were. I’ve never actually worn them. I don’t know why. I think cause deep down inside me I knew I would need them for this very occasion.

I pulled the scrunchie out of my hair and let it fall around my shoulders and down my back. I rummaged through my drawer trying to find a package of thigh highs. Bingo!

I quickly removed them from the package and started to pull it over my thigh putting my nail right through it. I cursed like a sailor and tossed it into the garbage silently praying I had another pair of ivory thigh highs, or I’d have to rethink this particular look. I moved more of my panties aside and actually hooted. I found another pair. This time I slowly opened the package and carefully slid it up my leg, taking special measures not to rip it.

Opening the closet door, I lowered myself to the floor, pushing pairs of shoes to the side until I found my pair of four inch ivory pumps. I stood and slipped them on my feet.

I reapplied some makeup and freshened up my face.

I slipped my ivory silk robe on over the ivory and black silk lingerie and tied the waist loosely, making sure that an appropriate amount of cleavage was showing.

Okay, so you know me better.

I made sure there was an obscene amount of cleavage was visible. Happy now?

Looking in the full-length mirror, I turned to the left, and then to the right appraising myself. I think I actually winked at myself.

Job well done Nic! You look hot as hell!

I quickly pulled at the corners of the comforter, trying to make the bed. Then picked up all the throw pillows and placed them on the bed just so. Closed the closet door, effectively hiding the disorderly mess, and scooped all the toiletries from the surface of the bathroom sink into the two drawers beneath. Once I was satisfied that I didn’t look like I was a total slob, I raced into the living room and opened the doors to the wall unit revealing the fully stocked bar.

I wiped the glass ring marks and gathered the crumbs from the counters, disposing of the messy paper towel.

Grabbing two glasses from the cupboard, I took an unopened bottle of champagne from the fridge and put it into the ice bucket, surrounded it with ice, and set it aside on the counter.

I glanced at the mirror that hung over the small table in the front hallway and fluffed my hair with my fingertips pulling down the ends and ruffling the crown for a sexy bed head look. I looked down to make sure everything was in place.

Yes, including my cleavage and nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the light tapping on the door.

I panicked for a second. Then I walked towards the door stopping two feet in front of it. Hundreds of thoughts raced through my head…

What if he isn’t what I remembered?

What if he doesn’t ‘excite’ me?

What if I don’t excite him?

What if this was a mistake?

What if…

Another tap.

“Coming.” I said softly.

By the way, I don’t do softly well.

I could feel my pulse in my temples; my chest ached. I raised my hand and placed it over my breast as I took a deep breath in, releasing it slowly, momentarily closing my eyes. Then without another thought, I reached over and removed the chain-lock slowly pulling the door open.

What I saw standing there took my breath away. He was truly breathtaking.

I don’t think I’ve ever had that thought about a person before, man nor woman.

All my doubts and worries just faded instantly, and my heart began pounding a different type of beat. Gone was the nervousness I was feeling moments earlier. It was quickly replaced with blatant lust.

Captain America stood there in a white V-necked tee shirt and a pair of faded jeans that hung on his hips perfectly. He pushed his fingers through his silky strands of brown curly hair—the same hair I fantasized about—and I found myself wanting to do the same thing.

“Hi.” He smiled, his eyes lit up and I nearly lost my friggin’ mind. “Can I come in?”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. Not thinking clearly.” I said as I stepped back allowing him to move past me.

I felt the heat of his body as he walked by and trembled with anticipation.

I closed the door after him then turned to face him.

“I just want to say that I typically don’t call strange men over to my house,” He smiled, and I nearly fell over. “You…um, you are actually my first booty call.” I laughed nervously.

“I’m honored, I’ve never been anyone’s booty call before.” He chuckled.

I found that hard to believe.

He walked to where I stood and put his hands on the sides of my face, looked directly in my eyes for brief few seconds, then bent his head down and kissed me. His lips were so soft and warm. He gently kissed my cheeks, my lips, my neck, and my ears, as chills ran up and down my body. I was actually afraid that my legs would give out underneath me. He put his face into my hair and breathed in deeply, moaning softly.

Holy shit, this man was rocking my world. I actually pinched my side, and when I felt the pain of the pinch, I knew it was real and I wasn’t dreaming.

His mouth covered mine again, and he slowly pried my lips open with his tongue. I raised my hands to those silky strands and pulled him tighter to me as I sucked at his bottom lip. My whole body trembled as a tightening slowly built in my lower stomach and between my legs, the likes of which I’ve never felt before.

I was intoxicated, but not from the alcohol I’d consumed. That buzz left me the moment Brendon told me he was coming over and adrenaline coursed through my veins replacing my blood.

No, I was intoxicated by his physical presence—he seemed larger than life somehow—and by the proximity of his warm body, the expert way in which he kissed me. I was lost in a sea of searing heat and incredulous joy. My body was singing louder and louder with each touch.

To say that I wanted him was an understatement. To say that I needed him was more than the truth. To say I was beside myself didn’t really emphasize how I was feeling; they just weren’t the right words. There weren’t any words, only actions.

I reached my arms up and wrapped them around his neck, pulling him closer to me as I bent my body into his feeling it mold to his muscular frame. I basked in his warmth as it penetrated the surface of my skin. He moaned when I ran the tip of my tongue over his lips, down his neck, my yearning exposed.

Brendon reached under me and scooped me up into his arms easily, and with his lips still covering mine mumbled, ‘bed’ questionably against my mouth.

I at least had the wherewithal to point in the direction of my bedroom.

Unmistakable eagerness flowed through me. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something as bad in my whole life as I wanted this man right now.

He lowered me onto the bed gently, and I watched his eyes open wide when the side of my silk robe fell open revealing my body covered in ivory silk and lace.

“Jesus Christ.” I heard him groan between clenched teeth. “You’re killing me.”

Brendon hastily pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it. His chest and abdomen were ripped. I bit my lower lip, the need I felt to run my hands up and down the length of him was debilitating. He unzipped his jeans and lowered them down slightly, and his erection sprung forward, leaving no question as to his desire. He pushed them down to the floor using his feet, exposing tanned muscular thighs and calves.

He kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his pants. I took notice that he wore no underwear. Another sign that he was anxious to get to me, or that he slept like that. That, as you can imagine, just made me even hotter than even I thought possible.

I sat up on my elbows and looked at him from head to toe. Admiring every single part of his well-defined body. He even had beautiful feet.

Holy shit. Have you ever seen a man with beautiful feet?

I know I haven’t. But his were.

All of him, every single, delicious inch of his decadent body was beautiful and I was hungry, hungry for the feel of his body inside me. Starving for the warmth of his skin. I wanted all of him.

He reached down into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a gold wrapper. He put it to the side, and then reached over my body, hooking his thumbs under the sides of my panties and slowly, deliberately pulled them down over my thighs, my knees. Each instance of his fingers touching my skin set me on fire. I was completely under his spell.

He dropped them, picked up the gold-foiled packet, and ripped it open. He slid the condom over his impressive length.

One word.




I was literally drooling. The saliva was amassing in my mouth faster than I could swallow.

He gently spread my thighs and knelt between them.

“My God Nic, you are beautiful.” His eyes were half closed, “You take my breath away.”

Funny, that was what I was thinking too. Just reversed.

The top of my skin was burning.

My brain cells were numbed.

He lowered his head and slowly and unhurriedly licked me starting at my bellybutton stopping at my breast. Just like my dream, or fantasy, call it whatever you want. Just don’t make me think; I am enjoying each sensation way too much to think.

He tongue circled the outline of my areola before taking it in his mouth and sucking gently. Then he moved on to the other breast. He grazed his perfect teeth over the tips of each of my nipples, and I answered by arching my back up, feeling the warmth of his pelvis against my own.

He lowered his body onto me and he…

Use your imagination people.

Do I have to tell you every single detail?

Yes, we did the deed.

Yes, I screamed with pleasure.

Yes, he moaned.

It was otherworldly, and I’m pretty sure I will never be able to get enough of his particular brand of magic.

What was that?

Yeah. I know, I know.

Love…never again. I’m still standing strong on that. But I wouldn’t be lying if I said…I loved what he did to me. I loved how my body reacted. I loved that he was gentle when he should be and aggressive when I needed it.

I loved when he fulfilled my needs over and over and over again.

Okay so I’m bragging, deal!

You know what I loved the most?

I loved that he stayed the night and woke me up the same way he put me to sleep…by caressing my body, arousing my senses.

I always thought when people said Zen-like that they sounded like assholes. I still do to a certain extent, but what I’ve come to realize…Brendon is more than Zen. He is perfect.

Oh, and to appease all you sex fanatics out there. He was long, hard and filled me in every way a man can fulfill a woman.


Hell to the yes!

Do I come across to you as a woman who would settle for anything less?

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