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Titillating Tales That Will Transport You…

Excerpt from Ever, Sarah

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Ever Sarah-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700

He stopped when he saw me, and I could see his face contorted in pain. The look in his eyes when he saw me standing at the foot of the stairs could never be erased from my memory. It was a look of pure devastation and something else…something hard.

“Bradley.” I cried out before the tears ran down my face. I sniffled and moaned before I sat down on the bottom step. Burying my face in my hands, I cried softly, seemingly unable to stop.

He rushed over to where I sat and bent down.

“Sarah, are you okay? Did you remember something?” The tone in his voice was full of hope and dread mixed together.

“No. Bradley I can’t remember anything. Nothing. I want to, but I can’t.” My body wracked with sobs. “Why can’t I remember?”

He took me into his arms and I could feel the air leave his lungs as he exhaled slowly. Then he lifted me onto his lap.

“Shhhh. Don’t worry. You don’t have to remember. You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll take care of you. We’ll start over. I’ll take it as slow as you want. I will give you anything you want, just give me the chance to show you how much I love you. Give me the chance to win you back.”

He seemed so desolate, so alone. We both were. I wiped my face on my sleeve and his shoulder and reached up turning his face to mine. Tears ran freely down his cheeks. I pushed them aside with the pad of my thumbs and brought his lips to mine. Without thinking, without anything but desperate need, I kissed him. I kissed him with all the confusion and hurt I felt inside. I kissed him with such abandon I amazed myself.

I wasn’t surprised or put off when he kissed me back. I had to admit the sadness and longing we shared at this moment did a great deal to spur me on. I wanted more. I needed more. I needed to feel loved, like I belonged.

My fingers moved frantically down from his face and I started unbuttoning his shirt. I didn’t even realize that he had lifted me up into his arms and was carrying me up the stairs. He turned down the hall and walked us into a bedroom and placed me gently on the bed before pulling his shirt over his head. Lowering his pants he slowly stepped out of them.

I lay back as he pulled my sweatpants off me along with the panties I had on underneath. The heat of his fingers brushed against my oversensitive skin, sending sparks to my fingertips and toes. Bradley pushed my tee shirt up, his hands eagerly roaming over the surface of my skin. I moaned as I closed my eyes, feeling his fingers graze lightly over my hardening nipples, feeling them tighten into taut peaks.

My breathing was becoming increasingly erratic. It was as if I couldn’t catch my breath. He placed arms on either side of me and I could feel the bed dip with his weight. I opened my eyes to see his perfect face looming over mine. Smiling that breathtaking smile, his eyes half closed with passion.

He slowly lowered his mouth onto mine. The taste of him on my lips excited me more than I ever thought possible. It was a mix of sweet, citrus, and mint. I licked his bottom lip, gliding my tongue back and forth. I was lost in the feel of his fingers rolling over the tips of my swollen breasts as he gently massaged them.

I slowly, awkwardly spread my legs apart, affording him a space between them. Bradley moved down the bed without taking his mouth off of my body, slowly dragging his tongue from the valley between my breasts to my belly button slowly, tasting me. I felt goose bumps rise in quick succession, and I moved my hips under him.

He moaned when I lifted my body up and rubbed the soft mound, where my legs met, along his heated chest. His tongue moved further down my body, which at this point was craving the feel of him.

I was at the point of no return.

“Are you sure?” I heard him ask.

I ran my fingers through his silky hair and moaned an emphatic, “yes.”

His mouth opened and his tongue flicked out sweeping over that overly sensitive area and I felt my body jerk. His tongue licked my clit, darting and sweeping, and I writhed under his hands and searching mouth. I clutched handfuls of the coverlet in my tightening grasp using every bit of my strength, to stay put as his tongue dipped deeply into me.

He licked me greedily, savoring me.

I released the coverlet and ran my fingers into his hair shocked at its softness.

He growled deep in his chest and I lost it. Before I knew what was happening, I felt an unstoppable pull flow from my toes to behind my eyes, sending sparks of electricity shooting through my extremities. I cried out as wave after wave of fierce relief washed over me.

With my fingers still entangled in his hair, I held his head in place, pushing him to me as I lifted my body up to his mouth.

“Don’t stop… don’t stop.” I was moaning like a whore and I never felt more like a woman…at least not that I could remember.

I felt him smile against my throbbing skin and heard the relief in his quiet laughter as he kissed his way back up to my breasts where he flicked his tongue over the tips, exacerbating the intense craving building inside me again.

I moved like a woman possessed.

He knelt in front of me, and the sight alone, of his perfect form, nearly sent me back over that edge. His erection, hard and thick, was food for my starving eyes. The skin tightly stretched out in front of him. I stared at it like I’d never seen anything more beautiful before… and at that moment, I never wanted anything more in my life than I wanted him.

“Bradley, please.” My stomach rose and fell with each deep breath I took. I was trembling with anticipation. My eagerness showed. “I want you inside me, please…” Yes, I heard my voice. I heard myself begging.

Who was that woman?

I lifted my hips up trying to connect us, but the pain in my hip shot through me like lightning. I quickly turned my head to the side, avoiding eye contact. He would stop if he’d seen it and it was the last thing I wanted.

“Sarah, I love you so much. I need you…” The desire in his voice nearly made me come.

“Bradley, stop talking and fuck me.” I begged…again.

“If we do this too soon, if you feel like I pushed you…you’ll hold it against me.”

I reached over and grabbed his white-hot erection.

“If you don’t do this soon, I will hurt you.”

I think I actually meant it.

I literally pulled him to me and tried to lift my ass again. But before I could, he lowered himself and slid effortlessly into me, filling me, greedily claiming what was now his.

If anything could make me feel like I was home, it would be this…being filled, being loved, cherished, comforted and held close. If anything made me feel like I was me again, it was sex with this man. Everything about this most intimate act, made me feel whole. I could wonder at my brazenness, especially now, but when he started moving inside me the earth moved with him and a very familiar feeling built deep inside sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through my body. I guess you can say he filled my mind, body and soul…and right now it was what I needed.

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