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33 thoughts on “‘Pamper Me’ Day

  1. Yeowza!! Pass me the Jergens!

  2. *wolf whistles*

    Damn, girl, you know how to make an entrance! Welcome to Sinful Sunday!

    *wild applause*

  3. What a fantastic pair of legs you have and I am totally with you on the bath front. One of my favourite simple pleasures


  4. Lovely legs! A hot bath followed by lotion is part of my Sunday routine too 🙂

  5. you always look so steamy lady…

  6. Lovely legs! Nice to see you on here! Xx

  7. A beautiful pair of legs, manicured hands and “quacks – quacks” are all great guilty pleasures.

  8. Love hot baths and all the pampering that goes along with it. Your legs, lady! Wow!

  9. I keep thinking those ducks have very happy grins on their little faces. Must be the view. 🙂 Jane xxx

  10. I haven’t been pampering myself nearly enough recently

  11. Rubber ducky, you’re the one. Rubber ducky, you’re so much fun!

  12. Lovely! That’s a favourite indulgence of mine too 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  13. What a stunning photo, you have extraordinary legs! Xxx

  14. A pamper day… that is lovely. Nice legs!

    Rebel xox

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