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Friday Flash


I lowered myself onto the bed and slowly, methodically pulled up my fishnet stockings. And after delicately rolling them over my hips realized I’d forgotten to put my thong on. I was late, no time to redo the whole stocking ritual.

I was meeting him!

The man I’d been corresponding with on the internet, and before you prejudge me, I’m not some floozy who scours the internet searching for someone to fuck. We, Jack and I, have a lot in common. Let’s leave it at that.

We do.

Anyway, I stood up and immediately felt the light pressure of the thin strands of elastic digging into my flesh. I walked over and removed my black dress from the hanger and slid it over my body, enjoying the silky feeling caressing my bare skin. But even more enticing, was the feeling of the fishnets moving along my clit and labia, applying just the right amount of pressure in just the right places.

I walked the few steps to my shoe closet and was about to slip my feet into my four and a half inch stilettos when I suddenly stopped and moaned out loud. A shot of adrenaline shot through me causing my body to tingle. I shook my head in denial. Did I just come? Seriously?

Raising my hand to my breasts I wasn’t surprised to find my nipples erect. I lightly ran my fingers over the hardened nubs and purposefully slipped on my heels before heading to the bathroom to apply lipstick.

Again, I stopped and moaned, this time squeezing my nipples simultaneously. Good God, this was incredible. The feeling so intense I trembled. But at this rate, I’ll never get out of this apartment. I quickly grabbed a pair of silk underwear from my drawer and shoved them down the fishnets, placing a barrier between my swollen clit and the magical elastic. I picked up my purse and rushed out the door.

I took a step in to the dimly lit cocktail lounge, and slowly searched the room for the man with the red rose on his lapel. The music floated through the air, as Unforgettable You was played beautifully by a grey haired man dressed impeccably in a tuxedo. I loved the vibe I felt the moment I stepped into the room. However, I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t anyone here matching his description. I walked over to an empty booth and took a seat.

“Hello, can I get you a drink?”

I looked up to find a very pretty brunette with far too much makeup on and smiled.

“Hi. I’d love a Manhattan up please.”

“I’ll be right back with your drink.”

I opened my purse and took a quick glance in the mirror satisfied with my reflection.

“Here you go.” The brunette placed a napkin in front of me followed by my drink. “Can I get you anything else, something to eat?”

“Oh, no thank you. I’m waiting for someone.” I glanced at the door, “perhaps when he gets here.”

“Sure. I’m Lisa I’ll check on you in a little while.”

“Thank you Lisa.”

I watched her retreat towards the bar and when I turned my head back I noticed a tall man walk through the door. He was wearing a dark suit jacket with a red rose on the lapel. I leaned back in the chair, shrinking into the shadows as I took him in from head to toe.

He had a muscular frame, I could tell by the fit of his jacket. He raised his hand and pushed his dark hair out of his eyes, which I could see from where I sat were a gorgeous green. He turned his head just then and caught me staring and I could feel the blush creep up my neck to my face. That’s when he smiled showing off beautiful straight white teeth. His dimples dipped and his eyes narrowed. My thighs tightened.

He immediately walked over to the booth where I sat.

“Hello.” His voice was sultry and low.

“Hello yourself.” I answered.

“I’m Jack.”

I extended my hand, which he took in his. His warmth wrapped around my chilled fingers.

“I’m Alexa, it’s so nice to finally meet you.”

“May I?” He said indicating the seat across from me.

“Of course, please.”

“I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long, getting a taxi in New York is nearly impossible.”

“I use Uber.”

“I will from now on.”

The brunette reappeared and Devin ordered a scotch neat. I excused myself and went into the ladies room where I removed the silky barrier and tossed them into my purse.

By the time I reached the table I was glowing with the flush of another orgasm.

It’s going to be a long night…

I smiled.





3 thoughts on “Him

  1. this is such a sexy story, i could barely sit properly while i was reading it!!! xxx

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