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Self Love is in the Air Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Blog Hop!

Self love is in the air? Huh? Well, May is Masturbation Month, and what better way to celebrate than with sexy erotica and prizes! First the erotica part – please enjoy this short piece I wrote especially for the Self Love is in the Air blog hop – I hope it inspires!

sweet james

Sweet James

I sat at the bar. Smiling, I arrived earlier than the others and got the best seat in the house, so to speak. I was in my own little world, totally satisfied at my luck. It was somewhat like getting a seat in the owner’s box. The seat that guaranteed the best service; and that service was delivered by the bartender with the pretty blue eyes.

I named him James. A proper name for a proper server. I have to admit, I didn’t know his name. I’d heard him referred to as ‘Boss’, ‘hey Man’, ‘Sweety’ and ‘Yo’. Sweety was the one that angered me the most. It sounded so sexist.

This night he looked up and scanned the bar, as he typically did, looking to see if anyone needed a refill, a new drink, or directions to the facilities. When our eyes meet, although briefly. I clamped my thighs together tightly and smiled as I moved one leg then the next, slowly, methodically. I did this several times. Rubbing my thighs together, letting the small tingles I felt ride up my legs to the center of my belly until sitting still was near impossible…almost painfully so. I found myself staring into the abyss, trying as hard as I could to forget that I had no one to go home to. That my nights here, sitting alone at a bar, like some freak of nature, looking for love in all the wrong places, just to go home and wake to another day. But then, I remembered why I was here. I looked up and searched for him. ‘James’. He was attending to his customers and fantasied I was here for him.

I fantasied he wanted me.

I fantasied he needed me.

He caught my eyes and smiled. The rubbing intensified. I smiled back. I lowered my hand and rest it against my damp swollen mound, which I realized was burning with desire. I lowered my eyes, hoping he couldn’t see that I was still staring at him through my thick lashes.

I inhaled slowly holding my breath. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he walked in my direction. My hand quickly found it back onto the top of the bar to grasp the stem of my glass and the blush I felt, slowly spread from my breasts to my cheeks, was hopefully concealed by the low lighting of the bar.



“Can I get you something?”

Oh, you already have, I wanted to say but just shook my head.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” The word came out a breathless whisper.

“Well, just call me if you need anything.”

I nodded and smiled.

‘Oh I need something.’ I smiled wickedly, thankful he didn’t see it.

I watched him for some time, squeezing my legs together, brushing my fingers over my damp pussy, my eyes closing as I imagined him licking me. Touching me. Fucking me.

I rocked back and forth on that stool, oblivious to the crowd around me growing ever louder. I quickened my pace and flicked my fingertips until I was about to burst.

Tilting my head back I let out a whimper as I let my body answer the call of my desire.

I slowly opened my eyes and noticed nothing had changed. The crowds were acting as they always did. Sniffing around, trying to find mate for the evening. Someone to give them something to fill their emptiness. Everything was the same, everything except ‘James’. I found his eyes watching me. Burning into mine fueling my desires once again. I smiled and raised my hand.

He returned my smile and walked over to where I sat.

“Can I get you something?”

“You already did.”

“I’m sorry?” A quizzical look on his face.

“You gave me just what I needed.”

I got up and took my purse from the bar top.

“Have a good night. Thank you.” He looked down at the tip I’d left.

“No James, thank you.”

I turned to leave.


I believe he corrected me regarding his name, but I didn’t pay attention.

He was James to me.


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