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I am taking over Oleander Plume’s blog today! Hey, I stole the keys when she wasn’t looking and left a very hot story for your enjoyment. It’s called “You Look Very Pretty Tonight” – I really hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please leave a comment. And some cash. Tens and Twenties always appreciated. Just kidding. This isn’t Cindy, it’s Oleander. Cindy would be much more polite. Seriously, though, you should check out her story. Here’s a handy linky thingy:


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Excerpt from Ever, Sarah

Ever Sarah-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700

He stopped when he saw me, and I could see his face contorted in pain. The look in his eyes when he saw me standing at the foot of the stairs could never be erased from my memory. It was a look of pure devastation and something else…something hard.

“Bradley.” I cried out before the tears ran down my face. I sniffled and moaned before I sat down on the bottom step. Burying my face in my hands, I cried softly, seemingly unable to stop.

He rushed over to where I sat and bent down.

“Sarah, are you okay? Did you remember something?” The tone in his voice was full of hope and dread mixed together.

“No. Bradley I can’t remember anything. Nothing. I want to, but I can’t.” My body wracked with sobs. “Why can’t I remember?”

He took me into his arms and I could feel the air leave his lungs as he exhaled slowly. Then he lifted me onto his lap.

“Shhhh. Don’t worry. You don’t have to remember. You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll take care of you. We’ll start over. I’ll take it as slow as you want. I will give you anything you want, just give me the chance to show you how much I love you. Give me the chance to win you back.”

He seemed so desolate, so alone. We both were. I wiped my face on my sleeve and his shoulder and reached up turning his face to mine. Tears ran freely down his cheeks. I pushed them aside with the pad of my thumbs and brought his lips to mine. Without thinking, without anything but desperate need, I kissed him. I kissed him with all the confusion and hurt I felt inside. I kissed him with such abandon I amazed myself.

I wasn’t surprised or put off when he kissed me back. I had to admit the sadness and longing we shared at this moment did a great deal to spur me on. I wanted more. I needed more. I needed to feel loved, like I belonged.

My fingers moved frantically down from his face and I started unbuttoning his shirt. I didn’t even realize that he had lifted me up into his arms and was carrying me up the stairs. He turned down the hall and walked us into a bedroom and placed me gently on the bed before pulling his shirt over his head. Lowering his pants he slowly stepped out of them.

I lay back as he pulled my sweatpants off me along with the panties I had on underneath. The heat of his fingers brushed against my oversensitive skin, sending sparks to my fingertips and toes. Bradley pushed my tee shirt up, his hands eagerly roaming over the surface of my skin. I moaned as I closed my eyes, feeling his fingers graze lightly over my hardening nipples, feeling them tighten into taut peaks.

My breathing was becoming increasingly erratic. It was as if I couldn’t catch my breath. He placed arms on either side of me and I could feel the bed dip with his weight. I opened my eyes to see his perfect face looming over mine. Smiling that breathtaking smile, his eyes half closed with passion.

He slowly lowered his mouth onto mine. The taste of him on my lips excited me more than I ever thought possible. It was a mix of sweet, citrus, and mint. I licked his bottom lip, gliding my tongue back and forth. I was lost in the feel of his fingers rolling over the tips of my swollen breasts as he gently massaged them.

I slowly, awkwardly spread my legs apart, affording him a space between them. Bradley moved down the bed without taking his mouth off of my body, slowly dragging his tongue from the valley between my breasts to my belly button slowly, tasting me. I felt goose bumps rise in quick succession, and I moved my hips under him.

He moaned when I lifted my body up and rubbed the soft mound, where my legs met, along his heated chest. His tongue moved further down my body, which at this point was craving the feel of him.

I was at the point of no return.

“Are you sure?” I heard him ask.

I ran my fingers through his silky hair and moaned an emphatic, “yes.”

His mouth opened and his tongue flicked out sweeping over that overly sensitive area and I felt my body jerk. His tongue licked my clit, darting and sweeping, and I writhed under his hands and searching mouth. I clutched handfuls of the coverlet in my tightening grasp using every bit of my strength, to stay put as his tongue dipped deeply into me.

He licked me greedily, savoring me.

I released the coverlet and ran my fingers into his hair shocked at its softness.

He growled deep in his chest and I lost it. Before I knew what was happening, I felt an unstoppable pull flow from my toes to behind my eyes, sending sparks of electricity shooting through my extremities. I cried out as wave after wave of fierce relief washed over me.

With my fingers still entangled in his hair, I held his head in place, pushing him to me as I lifted my body up to his mouth.

“Don’t stop… don’t stop.” I was moaning like a whore and I never felt more like a woman…at least not that I could remember.

I felt him smile against my throbbing skin and heard the relief in his quiet laughter as he kissed his way back up to my breasts where he flicked his tongue over the tips, exacerbating the intense craving building inside me again.

I moved like a woman possessed.

He knelt in front of me, and the sight alone, of his perfect form, nearly sent me back over that edge. His erection, hard and thick, was food for my starving eyes. The skin tightly stretched out in front of him. I stared at it like I’d never seen anything more beautiful before… and at that moment, I never wanted anything more in my life than I wanted him.

“Bradley, please.” My stomach rose and fell with each deep breath I took. I was trembling with anticipation. My eagerness showed. “I want you inside me, please…” Yes, I heard my voice. I heard myself begging.

Who was that woman?

I lifted my hips up trying to connect us, but the pain in my hip shot through me like lightning. I quickly turned my head to the side, avoiding eye contact. He would stop if he’d seen it and it was the last thing I wanted.

“Sarah, I love you so much. I need you…” The desire in his voice nearly made me come.

“Bradley, stop talking and fuck me.” I begged…again.

“If we do this too soon, if you feel like I pushed you…you’ll hold it against me.”

I reached over and grabbed his white-hot erection.

“If you don’t do this soon, I will hurt you.”

I think I actually meant it.

I literally pulled him to me and tried to lift my ass again. But before I could, he lowered himself and slid effortlessly into me, filling me, greedily claiming what was now his.

If anything could make me feel like I was home, it would be this…being filled, being loved, cherished, comforted and held close. If anything made me feel like I was me again, it was sex with this man. Everything about this most intimate act, made me feel whole. I could wonder at my brazenness, especially now, but when he started moving inside me the earth moved with him and a very familiar feeling built deep inside sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through my body. I guess you can say he filled my mind, body and soul…and right now it was what I needed.

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Excerpt from ‘Act Accordingly’




By the time I got home, I staggered through the door to my apartment. I had consumed enough champagne and bourbon to warrant a hell of a hangover tomorrow. But now…now I was feeling a bit frisky. So I did what any hot-blooded woman would do, I drunk dialed the hottest man I knew. Well, sorta.

I was looking in my pocket book for my cell phone to call Shannon, and when I couldn’t find it in a reasonable amount of time. I dumped the contents of my small purse onto the top of the counter in the kitchen. My makeup fell to the floor skidding across the tile surface, and my cell phone bounced across the counter bumping against the coffee canister. I noticed it chipped the ceramic.

“Damn it.”

I kicked off my shoes and went to the fridge to pull out the half bottle of champagne I always had available, figuring that if I were doomed to have a head splitting hangover, then I would do it properly. I popped the top over the sink and grabbed a glass out of cupboard. I took a sip, nearly draining the small flute.

After refilling it, I made my way back over to the counter to grab my cell. I scrolled through my contacts in an attempt to get to my phone log and came across a name I haven’t seen in a while. I have to admit, the thought of his voice on the other end had me nearly panting. But what if he had someone in his bed, what if he was in someone else’s bed.

You know, I could have spent the night talking myself out of calling with a list of ‘what if’s’ that were as long as my arm, but then I was drunk.

Did I mention frisky?

So without further ado, I pushed send and listened as the phone rang.

I was about to hang up thinking maybe he was out, or maybe he didn’t have his phone turned on…

“Hello?” The sexiest voice I’d ever heard spilled out of the receiver into my all-to-desperate ear.

I paused. Thinking what an ass I am. I had no plan, no witty line to say. I just…breathed.

Wake up Nic. Are you a total idiot? I screamed inside my head.

“Nic?” His voice was scratchy with sleep.


I was stunned at how speechless I was. I should have rehearsed some sexy one-liners or, at the very least, have something more than ‘yeah’ to say.

“What took you so long?”

I dropped the phone.

My hand shook so much when he asked that, that I actually dropped the phone.

I quickly got down on my knees and retrieved the phone from the floor.

“Hello?” I managed to mumble as I turned the phone around.

Yes, it was upside down.

“Hi.” His voice a little more pert, apparently he was a lot less sleepy now. “You didn’t answer my question.”

“What question?” I answered, trying to buy some time. I mean who in their right mind is going to come flying because you called them. Duh.

“What took you so long?”

“What? Long?”

“Where are you Nic?” he was alert and I could almost see the concerned look on his face, or was it just wishful thinking?

“Um, home.” I actually managed to answer him. “Just got home. Girls took me out…Speed dating. Their idea of a good time.”

“They took you where?” I think I heard him chuckle.

“Told them if they ever do it again, I would personally kill them all.”

Boisterous laughter filtered through the phone, sending shivers all the way from my toes to the nape of my neck.

“Meet anyone interesting?” He asked. I could hear him smile.

“Interesting yeah, noteworthy—nope.” I immediately thought of Robert, then just as quickly, shooed that thought to the side of my alcohol sodden brain.

“I’ve been waiting for you to call. You did promise.” He paused. I wish I could see him so I could gage whether or not he was bullshitting. “I was actually going to call you.”

“Really?” My heart started beating rapidly I felt a little dizzy. “So why didn’t you?” I said, my voice barely a whisper.

“Because you promised and I didn’t think that you were the type who would break their promise. So I waited.” He paused. One second, then two, “very patiently, I might add.”


“Don’t be, at least you called. When can I see you?” He asked, he sounded all sexy and husky. I felt a slight tightening in my midsection.

“When do you want to see me?” I said playfully, or was I stalling again?


“What?” I was sure I was hearing him incorrectly.

“If I had my way, it would be now.”

“ East 72nd Street.” I whispered huskily. I was nearly panting.

“Give me about twenty minutes.”

I think I either was in shock, or dreaming.

I choose shock!


He sounded as anxious as I was.

“Oh, what apartment number? I’d rather not wakeup every one of your neighbors pushing their buttons.”

Especially since you can be here pushing mine.

“16B.” I said, my voice failing me. My head was spinning, and I needed to take a shower.

“It wouldn’t have stopped me.”


“Having to wake every one of your neighbors, I’ll see you soon.”

Yup, that was my insides clenching.

“I’ll be here.”



Holy shit. I believe that was my very first booty call.

I jumped up and ran or rather stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Damn I was going to actually have sex with the hottest man I’d ever laid eyes on.

I ducked under the water and washed the memory of speed dating away. I got out and dried off quickly. I loaded the toothbrush with toothpaste and brushed my teeth, twice.

I walked over to my dresser and opened my lingerie draw pulling out the sexiest bra and panties I owned. I knew exactly where they were. I’ve never actually worn them. I don’t know why. I think cause deep down inside me I knew I would need them for this very occasion.

I pulled the scrunchie out of my hair and let it fall around my shoulders and down my back. I rummaged through my drawer trying to find a package of thigh highs. Bingo!

I quickly removed them from the package and started to pull it over my thigh putting my nail right through it. I cursed like a sailor and tossed it into the garbage silently praying I had another pair of ivory thigh highs, or I’d have to rethink this particular look. I moved more of my panties aside and actually hooted. I found another pair. This time I slowly opened the package and carefully slid it up my leg, taking special measures not to rip it.

Opening the closet door, I lowered myself to the floor, pushing pairs of shoes to the side until I found my pair of four inch ivory pumps. I stood and slipped them on my feet.

I reapplied some makeup and freshened up my face.

I slipped my ivory silk robe on over the ivory and black silk lingerie and tied the waist loosely, making sure that an appropriate amount of cleavage was showing.

Okay, so you know me better.

I made sure there was an obscene amount of cleavage was visible. Happy now?

Looking in the full-length mirror, I turned to the left, and then to the right appraising myself. I think I actually winked at myself.

Job well done Nic! You look hot as hell!

I quickly pulled at the corners of the comforter, trying to make the bed. Then picked up all the throw pillows and placed them on the bed just so. Closed the closet door, effectively hiding the disorderly mess, and scooped all the toiletries from the surface of the bathroom sink into the two drawers beneath. Once I was satisfied that I didn’t look like I was a total slob, I raced into the living room and opened the doors to the wall unit revealing the fully stocked bar.

I wiped the glass ring marks and gathered the crumbs from the counters, disposing of the messy paper towel.

Grabbing two glasses from the cupboard, I took an unopened bottle of champagne from the fridge and put it into the ice bucket, surrounded it with ice, and set it aside on the counter.

I glanced at the mirror that hung over the small table in the front hallway and fluffed my hair with my fingertips pulling down the ends and ruffling the crown for a sexy bed head look. I looked down to make sure everything was in place.

Yes, including my cleavage and nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the light tapping on the door.

I panicked for a second. Then I walked towards the door stopping two feet in front of it. Hundreds of thoughts raced through my head…

What if he isn’t what I remembered?

What if he doesn’t ‘excite’ me?

What if I don’t excite him?

What if this was a mistake?

What if…

Another tap.

“Coming.” I said softly.

By the way, I don’t do softly well.

I could feel my pulse in my temples; my chest ached. I raised my hand and placed it over my breast as I took a deep breath in, releasing it slowly, momentarily closing my eyes. Then without another thought, I reached over and removed the chain-lock slowly pulling the door open.

What I saw standing there took my breath away. He was truly breathtaking.

I don’t think I’ve ever had that thought about a person before, man nor woman.

All my doubts and worries just faded instantly, and my heart began pounding a different type of beat. Gone was the nervousness I was feeling moments earlier. It was quickly replaced with blatant lust.

Captain America stood there in a white V-necked tee shirt and a pair of faded jeans that hung on his hips perfectly. He pushed his fingers through his silky strands of brown curly hair—the same hair I fantasized about—and I found myself wanting to do the same thing.

“Hi.” He smiled, his eyes lit up and I nearly lost my friggin’ mind. “Can I come in?”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. Not thinking clearly.” I said as I stepped back allowing him to move past me.

I felt the heat of his body as he walked by and trembled with anticipation.

I closed the door after him then turned to face him.

“I just want to say that I typically don’t call strange men over to my house,” He smiled, and I nearly fell over. “You…um, you are actually my first booty call.” I laughed nervously.

“I’m honored, I’ve never been anyone’s booty call before.” He chuckled.

I found that hard to believe.

He walked to where I stood and put his hands on the sides of my face, looked directly in my eyes for brief few seconds, then bent his head down and kissed me. His lips were so soft and warm. He gently kissed my cheeks, my lips, my neck, and my ears, as chills ran up and down my body. I was actually afraid that my legs would give out underneath me. He put his face into my hair and breathed in deeply, moaning softly.

Holy shit, this man was rocking my world. I actually pinched my side, and when I felt the pain of the pinch, I knew it was real and I wasn’t dreaming.

His mouth covered mine again, and he slowly pried my lips open with his tongue. I raised my hands to those silky strands and pulled him tighter to me as I sucked at his bottom lip. My whole body trembled as a tightening slowly built in my lower stomach and between my legs, the likes of which I’ve never felt before.

I was intoxicated, but not from the alcohol I’d consumed. That buzz left me the moment Brendon told me he was coming over and adrenaline coursed through my veins replacing my blood.

No, I was intoxicated by his physical presence—he seemed larger than life somehow—and by the proximity of his warm body, the expert way in which he kissed me. I was lost in a sea of searing heat and incredulous joy. My body was singing louder and louder with each touch.

To say that I wanted him was an understatement. To say that I needed him was more than the truth. To say I was beside myself didn’t really emphasize how I was feeling; they just weren’t the right words. There weren’t any words, only actions.

I reached my arms up and wrapped them around his neck, pulling him closer to me as I bent my body into his feeling it mold to his muscular frame. I basked in his warmth as it penetrated the surface of my skin. He moaned when I ran the tip of my tongue over his lips, down his neck, my yearning exposed.

Brendon reached under me and scooped me up into his arms easily, and with his lips still covering mine mumbled, ‘bed’ questionably against my mouth.

I at least had the wherewithal to point in the direction of my bedroom.

Unmistakable eagerness flowed through me. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something as bad in my whole life as I wanted this man right now.

He lowered me onto the bed gently, and I watched his eyes open wide when the side of my silk robe fell open revealing my body covered in ivory silk and lace.

“Jesus Christ.” I heard him groan between clenched teeth. “You’re killing me.”

Brendon hastily pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it. His chest and abdomen were ripped. I bit my lower lip, the need I felt to run my hands up and down the length of him was debilitating. He unzipped his jeans and lowered them down slightly, and his erection sprung forward, leaving no question as to his desire. He pushed them down to the floor using his feet, exposing tanned muscular thighs and calves.

He kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his pants. I took notice that he wore no underwear. Another sign that he was anxious to get to me, or that he slept like that. That, as you can imagine, just made me even hotter than even I thought possible.

I sat up on my elbows and looked at him from head to toe. Admiring every single part of his well-defined body. He even had beautiful feet.

Holy shit. Have you ever seen a man with beautiful feet?

I know I haven’t. But his were.

All of him, every single, delicious inch of his decadent body was beautiful and I was hungry, hungry for the feel of his body inside me. Starving for the warmth of his skin. I wanted all of him.

He reached down into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a gold wrapper. He put it to the side, and then reached over my body, hooking his thumbs under the sides of my panties and slowly, deliberately pulled them down over my thighs, my knees. Each instance of his fingers touching my skin set me on fire. I was completely under his spell.

He dropped them, picked up the gold-foiled packet, and ripped it open. He slid the condom over his impressive length.

One word.




I was literally drooling. The saliva was amassing in my mouth faster than I could swallow.

He gently spread my thighs and knelt between them.

“My God Nic, you are beautiful.” His eyes were half closed, “You take my breath away.”

Funny, that was what I was thinking too. Just reversed.

The top of my skin was burning.

My brain cells were numbed.

He lowered his head and slowly and unhurriedly licked me starting at my bellybutton stopping at my breast. Just like my dream, or fantasy, call it whatever you want. Just don’t make me think; I am enjoying each sensation way too much to think.

He tongue circled the outline of my areola before taking it in his mouth and sucking gently. Then he moved on to the other breast. He grazed his perfect teeth over the tips of each of my nipples, and I answered by arching my back up, feeling the warmth of his pelvis against my own.

He lowered his body onto me and he…

Use your imagination people.

Do I have to tell you every single detail?

Yes, we did the deed.

Yes, I screamed with pleasure.

Yes, he moaned.

It was otherworldly, and I’m pretty sure I will never be able to get enough of his particular brand of magic.

What was that?

Yeah. I know, I know.

Love…never again. I’m still standing strong on that. But I wouldn’t be lying if I said…I loved what he did to me. I loved how my body reacted. I loved that he was gentle when he should be and aggressive when I needed it.

I loved when he fulfilled my needs over and over and over again.

Okay so I’m bragging, deal!

You know what I loved the most?

I loved that he stayed the night and woke me up the same way he put me to sleep…by caressing my body, arousing my senses.

I always thought when people said Zen-like that they sounded like assholes. I still do to a certain extent, but what I’ve come to realize…Brendon is more than Zen. He is perfect.

Oh, and to appease all you sex fanatics out there. He was long, hard and filled me in every way a man can fulfill a woman.


Hell to the yes!

Do I come across to you as a woman who would settle for anything less?

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Excerpt from ‘It’s A Shame’


Cole lifted the bourbon to his lips, sipped briefly and set his glass down. I opened my menu, turning my attention to the food choices.

“What are you in the mood for?” I asked as I perused the menu.

When he didn’t answer, I looked up to find him glowering at me, an intense burning in his eyes, and a provocative smile playing on his lips.

He leaned in close and whispered, “You really need to ask me that?”

When he saw me shift in my seat uncomfortably, his lips slowly curled at the corners and I nearly fell off my chair, my pulse flickering out of control.

“Ace…” I trailed, trying hard to regain my composure.

He leaned in and pulled the menu down, exposing my face.

“Grace,” he admonished, “you need to stop this. It’s driving me crazy.”

His voice was so sultry I could have slid off the seat as he reached out and ran his thumb along my bottom lip, gently tugging it from the clenches of my teeth.

I licked the path left by his finger, his heated touch sending shivers through my body.

“It’s a nervous reaction.”


I jerked in surprise when I felt Cole’s hand on my knee.

“This is my reaction,” his gaze penetrating, “and I’m not nervous.”

He started caressing me. The heat in his fingers, as they skimmed the tops of my silk covered legs, was searing me, branding me. The fiery tips danced across the sensitive skin above my stockings, and continued further down between my legs gently prying them apart. I felt goose bumps rise over my entire body and I shook involuntarily.

His fingers trailed a heated path between my thighs until they were met with a silk barrier. Making short work of moving it aside, he softly stroked my clit with the pad of his thumb. Then he rolled over the hypersensitive area in a circular motion. I audibly moaned when he inserted his fingers inside me, gliding them in an out of my tender flesh. I grabbed the edge of the table with both hands and instinctively closed my legs; I was met with a low growl.

“You started this,” he warned, his voice husky and coated thickly with lust. His fingers continued their decadent torture, showing me no mercy. A thousand pins and needles rolled under the surface of my skin, prickling in succession as they shot through every nerve ending, leaving me heady, my breathing erratic.

“Ace, don’t…not here,” I moaned my pulse quickening, my desire mounting rapidly.

I’ve never been more thankful for a few yards of material than I was for the long flowing table cloth that draped to the floor providing cover as I rocked my hips to meet his thrusting fingers…longing seeping into each and every pore.

“Cole…please…if you don’t stop I’m going to come right here.” I begged softly my voice scarcely audible. Though we both know I wasn’t able to stop my wanton behavior, nor did I want him to stop at all; my core was on fire.

“That’s the idea,” he whispered, his voice strained with sexual tension.

I picked up my menu, to hide my face, but he reached over and pushed it back down.

“I want to see your face when you come.” The words glided out on a breath and I lost all control.

I lowered the menu to the table and ventured a glance in his direction, discovering his gaze fixed on me. Our eyes locked, his piercing green bore into mine, his facial expression left no question as to the level of his tenacity.

Being discovered was not a concern for him, as the heat of his fingers burned a trail into the folds of my cleft, searing me. I felt the flush crawl up my neck to my face. I was undone. His fingers moved skillfully inside me, as the combustible fire within me rapidly spread to each nerve ending.

I had as much control of my body, as I had of his fingers. Surrendering, I lay my head against the tall curved back of the chair and closed my eyes, savoring the orgasm rolling over and through me. I continued grinding against his fingers until I was weak, until the last quiver racked my body, all the while praying silently we wouldn’t be thrown out of the restaurant.

Some moments later, after the powerful contractions ebbed, I slowly raised my eyelids to find him staring me with a devilishly triumphant smile.

“Better?” he inquired.

“Oh. My. God.” I enunciated each word with a pant.

It took me a minute or two gain my equilibrium back. I took a deep breath and sat up in my chair, rubbing the tops of my thighs together, getting each and every last quiver out.


Excerpt from ‘It’s A Crime’

ItsACrime (1)


“Grace.” His voice was low and sexy.

“Yes, Ace.”

“I would like to kiss you now.” Without waiting for any response from me, he leaned across, placing his drink on the granite table, and slowly pulled me to him. He lowered his head and pressed his lips gently to mine. He claimed my mouth, his tongue filling me with the taste of him, the sweet taste of bourbon, like an aphrodisiac, devoured my taste buds. He continued to amaze me, he licked my lips and as I parted them, his tongue pushed its way in. He tugged on my bottom lip with his teeth. I put my arms around his neck and raked my fingers through his thick hair, surprised at how soft it was. His scent was so heady; I was feeling lightheaded.

The muscles in my stomach tightened and the flow of blood to my sex increased. I lightly bit his bottom lip and he growled, deepening the kiss, his tongue continuing to stroke mine. I instantly felt the hardness of him on my stomach.

He slowly pulled away from me and without taking his eyes off mine he said, “I’ve been wanting to do that since I first saw you.” I flushed with excitement and desire. “It was well worth the wait.”

“Mmm, I liked that. Do it again.” I was ravenous for him, all of him.

He smiled his oh so sexy smile and lowered his lips onto mine again, this time more ardent, more demanding. He pulled me tighter to him and I pushed my breasts against his chest. Taking my cue, he put his hand under my blouse, pushing my bra up, releasing my breasts from their constraint. He rubbed his thumbs in a circular motion over my nipples and they hardened instantly into tight peaks sending me into a heated frenzy. My breasts swelled and I whimpered as he found one of my zones.

I struggled to kick my boots off. Damn boots. I loosened his shirt and pulled it out of his jeans. Sliding my arms underneath, I felt the hard muscles of his back flexing under my fingertips. Even through the layers of clothing between the two of us, my hands felt the stone-like hardness of his biceps, his stomach all hard muscle against mine.

My desire to have him inside me caused my breath to hitch. I had not felt such a strong urge to be penetrated for a long time. He lifted himself up and pulled off my boots effortlessly; massaging my feet, he dropped the boots noisily to the floor. Then reached down and unzipped my pants. My breathing became labored. He rolled to the side of me and I used my legs to push my jeans down. He deftly pulled my pants the rest of the way down and tossed them the way of my boots. I felt, more than saw, him remove his own jeans. He wore no underwear, at least none that I witnessed him removing. The thought of him going commando was so friggin’ hot. His erection rubbed along my thigh and I became desperate to have him in me. I needed it. Like now!

I was captivated watching his muscles flex beneath his skin. The intrinsic fluidity in the way he moved sent a delightful sense of pleasure through me. He slid his hand under the band of my thong, slowly dragging it down to my feet. I quickly shook them off. I pulled his half-unbuttoned shirt off over his head and threw it aside then lifted my own up and over, tossing it.

He removed my bra, totally freeing my swollen breasts. I moaned again as the heat of his skin pressed against mine. At the direct contact of our skin, he sucked in a sharp breath. My nipples hardened, overly stimulated by the feel of his bare chest and its’ soft matting of hair.

I wiggled out from underneath him and turning, I quickly sat up. Without taking my mouth from his, I pushed him down on his back and threw my leg over him, straddling him. I raised myself on my knees, reached for his hard cock and guided him into me.

Lifting my body with my legs, I hovered over him rubbing his thick crown against my wetness running his cock back and forth over my clit. His hot velvety taunt skin, slid effortlessly over my opening, nearly causing me to lose my mind. I got so hot I quickly descended onto him. My wet folds surrounded his shaft rendering my movements smooth and effortless.

Unable to take in all of him at once, I gradually started to rock my hips back and forth. I moaned audibly as he slowly filled me, one glorious inch at a time. There was no room for fumbling and he slid into me completely, exquisitely.

He stared into my eyes and I could see his lust was as great as my own. Holding onto his broad shoulders, I locked my eyes on his gorgeous green orbs and began moving my body, sliding over him, back and forth. He reached up and cupped my breasts, kneading them. His fingers altered between rolling over my nipples to tweaking the hardened peaks, the sensation so intense I thought I would scream.

The rhythm took hold of me and I rocked my hips, gliding up and down his shaft, until I felt the first surge of an orgasm build in me. I dug my nails into his shoulders and dropped my head to his mouth, taking his bottom lip between my teeth. I bit down as I came, tasting his blood, the sweet metallic taste in my mouth driving my hips to move faster, harder.

The first wave flowed over me, encompassing everything—colors, sounds, feelings—all coming together in one massive numbing explosion. I was floating, rocking; using his body for release. When the crest of another orgasm hit the core of my being, I slowed down wanting to drag it out as long as possible.

Cole pulled me close to him and his chest pushed against my breasts, my nipples hardening once again. Taking my head in one hand and my ass in the other, he flipped me slowly until he was above me, never breaking the contact our bodies shared. I found myself looking up into his eyes. His eyelids lowered as he studied me, the look of raw passion washed over his sculpted features. His arms caged me in and I watched his muscles tighten as he slowly lifted his body, flexing his hips, pulling out and thrusting back into me.

Panting with my hunger for him, needy sounds escaped my lips. He kissed me with such demanding passion, searching, tasting, exploring…I thought I could come with just his kiss. He began circling his pelvis, stirring me from the inside, slowly rolling his hips. I lifted my hips up to meet his, matching him thrust for thrust, moving in tempo with him. We were one body—moving, arching, gliding, pulsing—to one beat, one purpose—sweet release.

We fucked like it was our job. The lusty girl inside me dug her fingernails into his back, and relished each plunge of his big cock. His mouth still covered mine, his kiss searing, hard, demanding, just like the man himself. He was so fucking hot. By far the sexiest guy I’d ever been with.

The orgasm that had started to rise minutes ago built inside me at an unstoppable rate and I was unable to slow it down, I had no control. I breathed more than called his name. He lifted his torso, allowing me a glimpse of his body, which was every bit the Greek god. His muscles tightened as he strained to control his orgasm. I could see him grinding his teeth.

His innate ability to read my body’s need coupled with his stamina and raw sexuality turned me on like no other ever had. The sweat glistening on his body dripped on to my belly blending with mine, lubricating us. Our bodies slid together effortlessly.

I grabbed his hair, pulling his head back down, and greedily devoured his lips. Licking his mouth, running my tongue down the length of his neck back to his ear, dipping the tip inside. He let out a guttural groan, adding fuel to my ardent internal fire.

The speed of his plunges became more demanding, urgent. The powerful pull began in my lower belly and radiated down to the moist folds between my legs. My clit aroused by the constant rubbing of his cock, his length massaging my G-Spot, rocked me to my core. My senses were as taut as my body and I was like a wild animal, unable to control myself, wanting, needing that sweet release. I dug my fingers into his ass, pulling him further inside me.

“I love being inside your sweet cunt.” He growled. “So fucking hot.” He whispered hoarsely, nudging my head up. “Come with me. I want to see your face when you come…”

I raised my eyes and looked into his, seeing the hunger within and I lost it for the second time tonight. I screamed his name out, my voice foreign to my ears. He tightened his hold on me and with a few quick pushes of his hips and a low rumble he shuddered. The scorching heat of his semen pulsed into me with each thrust of his thick cock as he came. My cleft clenched around him, extracting him.

Tears welled in my eyes and ran down the sides of my face; the emotion of such intense sex sent me spinning. I buried my head in his shoulder to hide my face.

After he was spent, he rested his full weight on me, nuzzling his head in the crook of my neck. Our bodies cooled gradually as I slowly returned to earth, and the realization hit me, that that was the most mind-blowing sex I have ever had, ever.

“You are so beautiful.” His voice raspy, he kissed my breasts, his tongue teasing my already hard nipples.

“That was amazing,” I paused for a minute. “Ace, you are a sex god.” A wicked smile pulled up the corners of my mouth.

The tenderness that followed was so unexpected. Cole planted little whisper like kisses on my neck, my breasts, my stomach, lower and lower, until his lips were licking at my cleft.

I grabbed his hair trying to veer him back up, but he was determined and I was not crazy enough to fight. His tongue slowly tortured my swollen sex and he licked until that familiar intensity built again.

Holy Christ, this man is a machine. A gorgeous, sexy, fuck machine, and tonight he’s mine.

I moaned the sound visceral. I was astounded I was on the verge of another amazing orgasm. I arched my hips. He grabbed my ass and pulled me up to his mouth. As he dipped his tongue into the center of my sex, I came undone. He then plunged his tongue inside me, flicking the tip against my clit, until there was no stopping the bliss spreading through me. I held his head in position as I came hard, full and complete. I was spent.

He finally stopped his decadent torture of my body and pulled himself up over me resting his head on my breasts. My fingers entwined in his hair, I twirled the silky soft strands between my fingers.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” He whispered.

He reluctantly lifted his body off mine and walked down the long hallway and I watched the muscles on his back and ass flex as he walked.

I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at that fine ass.

I sat up to get a better look and couldn’t help the satisfied smile that settled on my lips.

“I am admiring the view,” I called after him, his back a perfectly muscled V.

“Glad you like it.” He chuckled softly.



heels and cuffs 2

Stay tuned for a big announcement, coming soon!


“Jimmy you see that?”


“She just walked in front of the plate-glass in the fuckin’ buff. Holy shit!”

“Goddamn it! Where?”

“Missed it asshole, too bad too. Damn, she has perfect fucking tits.”

He grunted angrily. “Fucking liar.” I heard him mumble under his breath.

“Those ariels are perfect. Sweet Jesus, perfect. Light and round, pink and swollen…” I smiled brightly.

“Fuck you. And it’s areolas you fucking moron!”


I know what that tone meant. It meant he would go out of his way to ensure I would suffer somehow later when we weren’t on duty. When he put two and two together and realized I purposefully didn’t give him a heads up when his ‘perp crush’ walked in front of the large glass plate window, naked as the day she was born.

Of course, it wouldn’t matter that he was too fucking busy texting his fuck tart. The bitch he’d be sure as hell sticking his dick in later. But that wouldn’t carry any weight. Now he was just pissed off I didn’t give him any notice she was standing there, no matter how briefly, with nothing on but a grimace. ‘Fuck him.’



Wait…What…Who is this?

Touch herself 

Where did the rest of the story go? Don’t worry, you will be able to read “Wait…What…Who is This?” in its entirety sometime soon!

Wait…What…Who is this?

I love when your cock is hard and I’m this wet I could almost feel you inside me

She hit the send button then waited a few seconds, but when she got no reply she placed her phone on the bed stand and quickly walked into to the bathroom to empty her bladder.

“I need a fuckin’ drink.”

She said as she made her way into the kitchen to make herself another drink.

‘That son of a bitch, if he jerked off before I got going…damn!’ she thought rushing back into the bedroom, drink spilling down her wrist, to where she left her cell.

She picked up her phone and saw a media message. Smiling, she anxiously tapped on it opening the pic and lay back on her bed in anticipation.

“Here we go.” She said with a sultry smile playing at the corner of her lips. Leaning up on one elbow she looked down and almost spit her drink out. It was NOT what she was expecting at all.

“Who the hell’s dick is this. It most definitely ain’t Jerry’s.”


The Liebster Award


The very sultry, and sexy Oleander Plume nominated me for a Liebster award, and to say I was literally swept off my feet would not necessarily tell you how awesome I feel.

Fantastic. That’s the word I’d use.

Thank you, gorgeous, for the nomination!

As you probably know, this award comes with some rules, so if you are nominated, and you want to participate, you are required to do the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. Answer the questions provided by the person who nominated you.
3. Provide eleven random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve the award and have less than one thousand followers.
5. Create a new list of questions for the bloggers to answer.

Those are the rules and I think I got this, only caveat is that I don’t know five bloggers to nominate, let alone eleven, so I’m gonna have to wing this I think.

First, here are my answers to Oleander’s questions:

1. What would you pick to be your personal theme song?

It’s Raining Men! – The Weather Girls

2. Tell me your favorite movie quote (and what movie it’s from).

I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers – Blanche DuBois

A Streetcar Named Desire

3. What have you always wanted to write about, but haven’t yet?

That’s hard to answer. I think I’ve hit on every topic…except a personal (very personal) one on one interview with Chris Hemsworth…naked.

4. What are you wearing on your feet right now?

Nail polish

5. What is your favorite sex position to put your story characters into?

I love a good against the wall bang, complete with thighs wrapped around hips. Great turn on right?

6. Would you like fries with that?

Silly question…Of course! And a milkshake to dip them in – preferably chocolate.

7. Favorite cartoon character?

Casper the Friendly Ghost

8. You just won a million dollars, what would you do first?

Quit my day job and write!

9. BCILF? (Book Character I’d Like to Fuck)

Lestat (vampire) and don’t you go confusing that wonderfully written man with Tom Cruise. UGH

10. Who is your favorite music artist?

CCR – Creedance Clearwater Revival

11. What are you writing at the moment?

I’ve got three irons in the fire, all suspense thrillers.

Thanks again to OleanderPlume for nominating me!

Now for those eleven random facts about myself. Think it’s easy? Try it!

1. I love to go barefooted…always.

2. I’ve dyed my hair for so long, I truly don’t know the real color!

3. I eat, sleep and dream writing. It’s all I want to do…oh, and that brings me to the next…

4. I love my evening adult beverage. No, I don’t drink every night, but I would if I could!

5. I talk to myself excessively. I like the end result. I always agree with me.

6. Cooking, as well as eating is another of my passions.

7. I take unbelievably horrific pictures. The camera hates me. Really, it does.

8. Number 8 is my favorite number, followed closely by 16. I see a pattern here.

9. My second favorite thing to do is lounge out in front of an incredibly beautiful ocean (preferably the Caribbean.)

10. I typically don’t like to talk on the phone, and except for a few good friends, refrain from it as much as I could.

11. I love murder. You figure that one out.

This is where I run into that problem I told you about earlier. I know very few bloggers and the few I know have already participated in this challenge. So what’s a girl to do?

So, if anyone wants a go at this, here are my 11 questions for you.

1. Black or white?

2. Alcohol or no?

3. Fatty foods or healthy?

4. Ice Cream or not ice cream?

5. How do you write a good sex scene…research or imagination?

6. Coffee or tea?

7. Read or television?

8. Music or not? If so, who?

9. Shower or bath?

10. Shoes or no?

11. What is your favorite movie and why?


The Capture Cupid Blog Hop hits the Big Apple!


There is a lovely legend surrounding Saint Valentine.

It is said that he secretly married couples so that the man would not have to go to war, thus moving him, and his new bride, out of harms way. Romantic, right?

If you think about it, that kind act probably doubled the population of that town in, oh…about nine months. Way to go Valentine!

From a third century martyr to an icon of Hallmark Cards, Valentine’s Day has become big business, but if you are searching for the very essence of Saint Valentine’s selfless act, you need to dig deeper.

Love is a fickle word. It’s both overused and understated. For me, it’s that wonderful feeling deep down inside my gut. The one that radiates outward like an internal heater turned on high causing the sensors in my brain to tingle. Love has the ability to bring me to my knees or lift me higher than high. Actually, love is one hell of a roller coaster ride. The kind I never want to end.

Love is deep, textured, comfortable, sexy, fun, complicated and sweet. It carries a hell of a big punch for a little four-letter word.

But as far as I’m concerned, there are so many ways of showing that special someone that you love them. Of course it’s wonderful to get flowers, go out for a romantic dinner, and chocolates. Let’s not get me started on chocolates. Anyone who knows me knows where I stand on chocolates. I’m addicted. That’s right. I need them to live (okay a very slight exaggeration). But I do love them.

No, it’s not the same thing as the love between two people. That kind of love is very special and has a different meaning, and feeling, for each person Cupid’s arrow finds.

My point is, you need to show that exceptional someone you love them in your very own special way. But if you would like a different perspective, thirteen to be exact, you should get your own copy of Chemical [se]x. One way to do that is enter our contest for the chance to not only win a signed copy of the book, but many other delicious prizes as well. How do you win? Well, all you have to do is comment. Yup, it’s that easy. For all the details, prize list, etc, click here.

You may never look at Valentine’s Day, or chocolates, the same way again.

ActAccordingly-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700Since you can never have enough gifts, (or chocolate), please enjoy a steamy excerpt from Act Accordingly:

After dinner, I pulled out the container of ice cream, grabbed a spoon and plopped back down facing him. I scooped up a spoonful and slid the spoon into his mouth, then leaned in and kissed his cold lips as it began melting. I quickly licked the corners of his mouth, getting every drop.

He took the spoon from me and put more into his mouth then leaned over and licked my breasts. The sensation was so erotic and so sexy. My nipples hardened to taut peaks. I jumped up, pushing him onto his back, and straddled him. He laughed at my boldness, but when I placed his hands on my hips, lowered myself onto him, and began rocking back and forth, I could feel his fingers digging softly into my tender flesh.

I moved like a woman possessed. Moving my hips in perfect sync with his, back and forth, till we both screamed out.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Afterwards, I lay next to him and traced my fingers over his eyes, his nose, along the curve of his lips, down his neck and onto his perfect chest. I stopped just short of the most delicious erection I’d ever seen.

I gotta tell you…ice cream has nothing on this guy. Not even Vanilla Swiss Almond. I licked the tip then slowly, tantalizingly, took him into my mouth. Feeling him harden along with the movement of my tongue. His hands grabbed the sides of my head and I felt his fingers massage my scalp, dip into my ears, and caress my face. I brought my hand up and began pumping him slowly at first, then quickly. He guided my head over his length, and when his hands tightened around my ears, I heard him moan loudly, and then tasted him. Every delicious drop, until he lay on the floor, with his arm over his eyes, motionless.

Must I tell you he had a big smile on his lips?

I didn’t think so.

I did too.

Mmmm, ice cream, even in winter, it’s delicious. So, about those prizes, would you like to enter our drawing to win? Yes, I thought you might. All you have to do is leave a comment, and answer one question:

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Keep on hopping – my gorgeous friend L. Maretta is on the docket for tomorrow, then Ella Dawson, then…

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With his hand wrapped securely around the back of her neck, pressing her down, keeping her in place, she took a deep breath and tried to straighten her back.


She dug her fingernails into the leather of the high back chair to position herself.

He applied more pressure and for a split second she felt fear, exhilaration, and something else…impending satisfaction.


She was excited.

Using all the strength she could garner she remained still.

The muscles in her thighs ached with the effort, and began to tremble.

His other hand roughly traveled the length of her torso until it came to rest on her haunch.


It wasn’t a suggestion.

She wanted to scream.

She wanted to turn and face him. Let him know that she wasn’t frightened, but his hand held her menacingly in place.

She took a step to the left, precariously balancing her body.

The saliva built so rapidly in her mouth, her throat worked quickly to disperce it. She swallowed in quick succession, fearing the movement was something he would notice.

The small hairs on the back of her nape stood, her body trembled involuntarily.

But she knew better than to speak. It would only make it worse.

His hand vacated it’s position on her outer thigh and she took the moment to take a breath.


Her body froze.

She was afraid to anger him although every fiber of her being was screaming for release. She knew if she spoke, things could and would, most definitely, get worse.

Her abdomen tightened spastically and for a millisecond she feared he’d notice.

“Don’t do that again.”

His tone was low but she could hear the menacing tenor of his voice.

There wasn’t a way to let him know she wouldn’t.

She wouldn’t move.

She’d keep her breathing low and shallow.

Small even breaths, she said over and over…a mantra.

Wouldn’t do her any good to lose control.

She felt something rub between her thighs.




“Don’t make a sound.”

She was frustrated. Unable able to nod or even give a sign that she’d heard him and would obey.

She found the onslaught of trembling that threatened to overtake her already overly stiff frame…agonizingly pleasurable.

Agonizingly pleasurable.

She thought for the briefest of moments those were the perfect words to describe the taut pressure, the aching need, the balancing on the edge of nothingness–everything–she felt.

She wanted to scream.

The vibration in her throat endangering the very small ground she had gained, and she rapidly swallowed again…over and over.

I don’t know if I could fucking do this.

I don’t know if I could fucking do this.

And without warning he pushed into her. Impaling her.

His cock, thick and rigid, pushed into her, invading what was hers, belonged to her moments ago.

Her fingers clenched tightly, digging into the expensive leather, and she bit down violently, immediately tasting blood on the bed of her tongue.

She sucked quietly.

He began to move slowly inside her, the length of him pressing. Pushing, against the walls of her tight, clenching pussy.

She continued sucking quietly at her lip again and somehow, as if he could sense, as if he knew, he began moving inside her keeping pace with her pursing lips.

Each suck on her lower lip matched the rhythm of his hips.

She felt a pull inside her.

Deep down inside her.

She knew it was a matter of mere moments when she would be thrusting her teeth into her lips again.

A fire built in her core.

It’s intensity causing her legs to waver slightly, and she silently prayed he didn’t notice.

Prodding her fingers deeper into the thick leather in an effort to balance her now failing limbs, she filled her lungs with air, inhaling slowly…deeply. Thankful the dizziness slowly dispersed.

“You. Wait.”

That was what she feared the most.

Without warning she felt a hard slap against the side of her ass that nearly sent her tumbling over. The sound reverberated throughout the small space


Her knees almost buckling beneath her.

The searing heat from the blow spread rapidly, eventually trickling down to her pussy.

Her juices collected at her apex before beginning to run down the inside her legs.

She slowly pulled the air into her lungs once again, willing her body to ‘obey’ her.

The pressure building at an irrepressible rate.

The tension loud.

Her temples pounding in time with his hips…her sucking.

“Wait.” His voice brooked no argument.

Every cell in her body screamed for release.

He grunted pressing down on her neck painfully.

She nearly collapsed when the full weight of his torso came to rest on her back. Her legs shaking with muscle fatigue.

His chest hair rubbed along her back.

Time stood still as she waited on the edge of the precipice.

“Now.” He breathed.

One word.

One word sent her body, soul and being into a whirlwind of emotion and sensation.

One word sent her soaring.

She screamed her release…wailing her pleasure.

Her legs weak, her fingers crippled with the exertion, she lifted her back upright and leaned against him.

He quickly brought his hands up to her tits and squeezed her nipples tightly…applying just the right amount of pressure.

She spasmed before her body tensed against his.


His approval came as his fingers ran up her slick opening.

“God…God…God.” She heard the whisper of air pass through her bloodied lips.

He leaned down and gently kissed her neck.

She waited for the strength to return to her legs before she turned to face him.

“I love you.” Her voice so raspy she wasn’t fully confident it was her own.

“I love you too.”